Sunglasses Collection For Any Figure

Get sunglasses for all your characters! What do sunglasses have to make any look more mysterious, sexy, and appealing? They hide and show, get the attention on the eyes, and can make your pinups sexier, your adventurers bolder, your beach girls more outstanding, and in general, all characters need them because beauty can blind your eyes...A must have!
Sunglasses Collection is a set of 6 glasses with multiple finishes each one and 39 materials, with morphs to put on the head or over the nose, and adjust to the forehead, sides of the head and temples.

See images and get them here, 30% off for a limited time: Sunglasses Collection For Any Figure For Poser and DAZ Studio

And if you buy more items of our store in the same order you will get a 45% off in them, as part of the Countdown To Summer promotion!

-Emma Alvarez-

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