Saint Tropez Outfit and Accessories

Our new product for DAZ: Saint Tropez Outfit And Accessories is an elegant cocktail outfit that every Genesis 2 Female should wear to achieve the maximum elegance, sexiness, style and be perfect in all situations: in the catwalk, in a party to be the most stylish host, or just being the center of attention in every moment.
Eight rich full material presets have been included in the most usual colors for high fashion dresses, with matching colors on the sandals and handbag, and also matching jewels on all pieces.
The outfit includes the dress, the handbag, 10 poses, sandals, and bracelet, and the 8 sets of materials for each piece.

See images and get it here: Saint Tropez Outfit And Accessories for DAZ Studio and Poser (with dson)

-Emma Alvarez-

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