Legend Mix And Match Poses for Genesis 3 Female

Our new product for our Daz store: Legend Mix and Match Poses is a huge pack of 30 poses for Genesis 3 Female(s), including full body poses, their mirrors, and their partial and partial mirror poses for head and neck, left arm, left hand, right arm, right hand, upper body, lower body, and reset to zero poses for full body and each body part. This makes a total of 460 poses (30 unique poses plus all their 420 derived and mirrors plus the 10 zeroes).

Delicate and sensual poses, absolutely loaded with all sorts of subtle variations. The combination possibilities of partial poses that are included are endless, and challenge the artist to be creative with their scenes. A must have!

See images and get it here:  Legend Mix And Match Poses for Genesis 3 Female


-Emma Alvarez-

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