dForce Night Walker Outfit, Props and Poses For Genesis 8 Females

Our new product is released at Daz 3D: dForce Night Walker Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s) is a fully customizable and dForce compatible outfit that you can use as a conforming one, or as a dForce one. It is completely rigged so it will work either way.
It includes a timeless nightgown, chambersticks for the left or right hands, daggers for the left or right hands, and unparented prop versions of the chamberstick and the dagger, to be placed anywhere, and 10 varied poses for Genesis 8 Female(s) holding the props. You can use it for all kinds of character concepts and stories: romantic, action, gothic classics, horror, mystery, sleepwalkers...
The nightgown includes clean, dirty and bloody material presets, and all of them can be set ripped or not. It also has style morphs to make the skirt shorter or longer, break the cords, open the back part more, or lower the cleavage part. There are many material presets for the nightgown, the candles, and the dagger. All these options together allow to achieve countless different looks!
This product also contains a tutorial for Introduction to dForce in pdf that is loadable from its icon inside Daz Studio, and 3 Prepare For dForce special morphs to optimize the dress shape for dForce.
See full product here:  dForce Night Walker Outfit, Props and Poses For Genesis 8 Females


-Emma Alvarez-

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