Indy Forever (Indiana Jones Special)

After three years of waiting, finally Indiana Jones is back. The return of Indy was in the mind of George Lucas since 1993, but 15 years have passed until this movie is shown for first time, the fourth part of this series.

"Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull" is a wink for Indiana's fans, and an attempt to capture the attention of the new generations, as Steven Spielberg himself said.

Following the comments that Harrison Ford did, this kind of movies that mix so much emotions and fun are hard to find nowadays.

This movie is without a doubt done with a big care. It is told that during the filming of the movie, when Harrison Ford was finally dressed for first time as Indiana Jones, everybody in the filming team clapped with emotion.

I confess that I'm a big fan of adventure movies and Indiana Jones. I went to the cinema quite skeptic but I liked it very much. In fact, it may be the second one of the saga that I like most after "The Temple Of Doom".

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull
As in the previous movies, this is directed by Steven Spielberg and the executive producer is George Lucas, who wrote the story with Jeff Nathanson (Rush Hour and series like Terminal, The Last Shot).

The story is the following: Indiana keeps on getting himself in trouble, and it costs him his job as teacher in the University. A young rebel called Mutt (Shia LaBeouf), son of Marion (the girl that appeared in "Raiders Of The Lost Ark", the first movie of Indiana Jones) asks Indiana Jones for help and they go together to Peru.
They get the coveted Crystal Skull, but the Russians, lead by a diabolical Cate Blanchett go after them and the skull.

As in the other movies of Indiana Jones, there's a mix of fantastic and real elements.
As a curiosity, in the beginning of the XX century, the archaeologist F.A. Mitchell-Hedger found some fossilized skulls in the shape of quartz crystal. Their origin is still a mystery.

In this movie, they talk about Francisco De Orellana, a Spanish explorer and adventurer that gave its name to the Amazon River.
I will write a post soon about this personality, and also another one about the Nazca Lines, that also appear in the movie and are part of a real mystery.

Indiana Jones, the character
Although Indiana Jones seems a comic book character, he's actually originated in the imagination of George Lucas. Lucas created Indiana (Indy) in 1973.

Indy is an archaeologist and teacher that searches for historical relics.
In his adventures, Indiana always wears the same clothes (as a comic hero): a hat (a fedora, that is near to loose in many occasions, risking his life to recover it), a brown leather jacket, brown trousers similar to those of a II World War soldier, shirt of safari-style, a bag and a whip and a revolver as weapons.

The success of the character is without doubts due to the unforgettable duet of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.
The name of Indiana is a reference to the dog of Lucas which had that name. In the beginning, Indy's surname was Smith, but Spielberg changed it for Jones.

Indiana Jones is a brave hero, intelligent, very lucky to keep himself safe and sound after all the dangerous situations that he has to face. He has only one phobia: the fear to snakes.

The character of Indiana Jones has been so captivating that has generated many theme parks, a TV series, computer games, and fans for generations.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark
It was shown for first time in 1981. The music is by John Williams. It was starred by: Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman, Ronald Lacey.

The story is the following: It's 1936. Indiana Jones is a teacher in an University that searches historical relics. This time, he searches for the Ark of Alliance, where the Hebrew put the tables of the law that God gave to Mosses. Those who have the Ark in their hands will be invincible, so the Nazis try to get it.

Curiosities of this movie:

  • During the filming, Karen Allen "let go" real punchs to Harrison Ford.
  • The tarantulas that they used were real too.
  • And as nobody was very convinced with the "Fedora" hat, they trampled on it and wrinkled it to make it more realist.
  • They also used real snakes for the movie, and Harrison Ford was not bitten in the filming. But when he got to his home, a snake bite him in his garden.
  • Karen Allen's character is called Marion, that was the name of Steven Spielberg's cat.

The Temple Of Doom
It was shown in 1984. The music was also by John Williams, and it was starred by Harrison Ford, Kate Capshaw, Jonathan Ice Quan (The Goonies)...

Indiana Jones has a fight in a night club in Shanghai and escapes with his little oriental friend and the club singer in a plane. After an accident they end in a small village of India, where all the children have disappeared, as well as the powerful stone that protected them.

Curiosities of this movie:
  • During the filming, an elephant ate the read dress of the actress Kate Capshaw.
  • Kate Capshaw married Steven Spielberg some time after this movie.
  • Steven Spielberg appears in this movie, in the first scene of the airport.
  • The Shanghai club is called "Club Obi Wan".

The Last Crusade
It was shown for first time in 1989. The music is by John Williams. It's starred by Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Alison Doody, River Phoenix...

Indiana Jones' father (Sean Connery) is kidnapped when he was searching for the Sacred Grail. Indiana will have to rescue his father and help him to find the Grail.

Curiosities of this movie:
  • The rats of the basements of the Library of Venice are real rats that were already there.
  • Sean Connery uses to take his trousers off between the scenes in the filming for "relaxing himself". Some scenes in which only his torso is visible are filmed with Connery in shorts.
  • The hat of Indy was stapled to the head of Ford in some scenes, so it couldn't fall.
Indiana Jones Fur Felt Fedora - Medium

-Emma Alvarez-

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