The Lost Key

Everyday, all those who loved him cried in silence. At the back of the room there was that child of pale skin and dark sad eyes.

His smile was so sweet, and his voice was a breeze that slipped away like sand spilling through fingers.

One day, that child, called Jonathan, received a pleasant surprise. His friends had come to visit him.

The three children made his house recover life again. Between laughs and smiles, they remembered their pranks and games.

Little Jonathan said "Do you guess what I would like to do? To go back to the forest. We, all together... but that's impossible... I'll never go out from this room".
All of them felt sad. Then, the little girl called Maggie turned her face, with her eyes covered with tears.

Alan, said "And why don't we go there now?". Everybody looked at each other. Michael opened the wardrobe and said to Jonathan: "Take this, wrap yourself up. We're going".

The children escaped through the window. The forest was not too far. They were so happy. Suddenly, Jonathan found a key in the ground.

Each one of them started to let their imagination fly about who could be the owner of that key, and what may it open.
"It must be the key of a treasure chest", said one. "Not, it's the key of a palace", said another one. They talked for a long time about the origin of that key.
"Keep it with you, Jonathan, as you found it", said Alan, the youngest of them, and everybody agreed.

The following week, Jonathan left them forever. Everyone of them cried for him. Maggie said to Jonathan's mother: "Is Jonathan carrying the key?"
"That key that he always had with him in his last days? Whose is that key?", she asked.
And Maggie replied "It's Saint Peter's. He lost his key, and Jonathan went to Heaven to give it back".

The three children agreed with that. His mother put the key inside his little hands. And Jonathan left for that place were nobody has come back. His little face showed peace and joy.

Photos: The Key, by negativemarionette, and In The Forest, by Hartmut Lerch.

-Emma Alvarez-

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