Interesting Links 06/08/08

Getting free textures isn't very easy. Here you are an excellent resource. These textures could help you for making the background of a banner, 3D creations...
The free textures are categorized in grunge, fabrics, metal... There are hundreds of textures of high quality. Also, If you want you can have the possibility of buying the CD with all textures.


Some time ago I found this awesome video. This animated video is called "A gentlemen's duel" and it's a great work of Blur Studio.

After the horrible tragedy happened in China, where an earthquake killed more than 60.000 persons, I wanted to link these beautiful photos of China.
It's difficult to forget so horrible scenes of pain. Here you can find the beautiful China. And I only want to tell that my heart is with the victims of the earthquake.

Bruno Torfs makes awesome sculptures of wood. Full of fantasy and really charming. His works seem to go out of a fairy tale.

Movies and Photoshop, really funny photo-montages made with pics and mixing several movies.


Home Decor for absolute geeks. Well... Have a look :)

The Silk Road, is a piece by the great Japanese compositor Kitaro. His music is really amazing, mixing traditional music with a sound full of spirituality and passion for nature.

-Emma Alvarez-

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taylan said...

Movies and Photoshop, really funny photo-montages made with pics and mixing several movies."
Its really humorous.

Mirage Chopper said...

Hello Emma! I'm back up and running! Interesting post here! I'm adding you to my fav's list immediately.

Emma Alvarez said...

How long Mirage Chopper! Wellcome back :)

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