Our Dreams Olympic 2008 Song

The Korean actress and singer Jang Nara has done this song "Our Dreams" in honor of the Olympic Games that will take place in Beijing.

The Olympic Games of China 2008 will begin this August 8 in the city of Beijing (also called Peking), capital of China.

With this song, Jang Nara is having a great success worldwide, in addition to the big support that she is getting from the Chinese public.

For making this video, Jang Nara wore a typical Chinese dress. This song, "Our Dreams", is performed by an orchestra of 70 musicians, including 10 Chinese singers and a chorus of 20 Chinese children.

There is only 4 days left until the Olympiads begin in China. Good luck for everyone, and let the best athletes win.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Alexander M Zoltai said...

So Awesome!

Thank you for posting such a heartening reminder, in spite of the insidious claims to the contrary, that we are all One !!

~ Alex

Emma Alvarez said...

That is the spirit of the Olympic Games. The spirit of the Olympiads tries to join people together, and participate. It's that.

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