Photoshop Brushes Contest Winners August 2008

When I decided to share the Photoshop brushes that I use to make, I never thought that the works of the users may surprise me so much. And this has been very satisfying for me.

I have chosen these images where my brushes were used because of the so different styles and the great amount of imagination employed in their works.

If some of you has missed some of the brushes articles, here are the links:
Floral, Insects, And Leaves
Sparkle Stars, Nebulae And Planets
Pop Geometries

Congratulations to the winners, and don't forget to visit their galleries to know more about their art.

MelodramaticsSOUL101 decorated this guitar with the butterfy brushes.

Social-Psycho used the insect brushes for this awesome image.

AnimeChick4DDR used the sparkle brushes to give more brightness to these Japanese comic style composition.

Aslix used the insect brushes to make a fun composition with a comic strip style.

For doing this hip-hop medallion, Miro79 employed the sparkle brushes, creating a jewelry catalog effect.

Wezenbeesje used the leaves brushes to cast shadows and give depth to this comic image.

Nicsmom used the sparkle brushes for her IMVU page background.

Sarroora made use of the leaves brushes to make a to-do list card. It's really original.

Modelmeg2003 used the butterfly brushes to make this fantasy photo-montage.

For doing this fantasy image, GatoMiguel used the sparkle brushes.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Steph said...

As someone who's just beginning to learn what can be done with brushes, I really admire what you create, and what other people do with them. You have every right to feel proud!

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you very much Steph I value very much your opinion :)

bokjae said...

Hey emma, very impressive! love such things but never get to doing art and what more with Photoshop! thanks for the great tools anyway, you always give us something from time to time!

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Bokjae :). Happy you like it, it's really awesome the imagination of these artist. Steph is right, I'm proud of them.

melodramaticsoul101 said...

I AM honored and at the same time flattered. :) Its not like everyday your art work would be posted.

Thanks a lot. You made my day. :) *huggles

Emma Alvarez said...

MelodramaticSoul101 I really liked very much your work.

Miro79 said...

i'm really proud and happy that my work is appreciated!
tnx for your brushes, they're awesome!

Emma Alvarez said...

Thanks to you Miro79 and keep on with your good work!

Hope said...

Wow thanks for the honor. You create wonderful brushes keep up the good work.

Ava said...

I just logged on to DA after not being on in 2 months (My life has been crazy)
I am so honored and I couldn't have done that picture without those amazing brushes you created!!!!
I am thankful for the win and the recognition.
That means a lot and it boosts my confidence.
Thanks so much, every one of these winners are amazing. Keep making those cool brushes

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