Interesting Links 7/31/08

Resources In this page of "Elite And Design", you can find a compilation of very good tutorials for Photoshop. They are 25 useful tutorials that can give you a lot of good ideas for future projects.

"25 more most incredible photoshop tutorials"

And in this other page of Noupe, another awesome list, in this case for Illustrator. There are 60 tutorials, tips, practices which can be really a good resource for helping you with Illustrator and learning new techniques.

60+ Illustrator tutorials, tips and best practiques

Video, It's the first video of a series of three. Its from the BBC: Weird Nature, science is stranger than myth. Absolute interesting and I'm sure that the habitual readers of Emma Alvarez Site will love it because it's very close to the topics of this site.

a sample of the awesome work of the photographer Lubomir Mojzes.

Art, The page is F3 Design. Has a lot of sections that I recommended you to see. But I have chosen an absolutely funny post with caricatures of rock stars.

Rock caricatures

Humorous, Nobody remembered this little dog breed, the Chihuahua, until Paris Hilton had one. Well, now it seems to be a top fashion dog breed. This funny post is about photos of chihuahua performances in famous movies.

Bizarre, Zuza Fun presents chairs, original chairs. Nice? I don't know, but original for sure.

Innovative Chairs

Music, A reader recently sent me the music of one of his friends: Courtney Dowe, a singer that in addition of having a great voice, makes music for human rights. Her music is a mix of folk and alternative. I recommended hearing her work. She can make you fly with your mind. She is a future star, and I have the pleasure of introducing her to you.

-Emma Alvarez-

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