Free Photoshop Brushes: Floral

I've done these Photoshop brushes. They are flowers, with different effects and sizes. And I want to share them with you.

Download them for free, but before please read and understand the terms of use.

Terms of use
These brushes are free to use in commercial and non-commercial designs, as long as you follow these conditions:

- The brushes can't be sold. You can sell the designs you make with the brushes, but not the brushes themselves.

- They must be downloaded clicking the links from this article in If you like the brushes and want your visitors to download them, place a link to this post, so they come and download them from here. Don't directly link them.
- You can't redistribute the brushes without my explicit consent. If you want to pack them in a clipart library, cd or dvd, or anything else, ask me first.

- If you modify the brushes, or create some others starting from these, that are radically different from their original shape, you can redistribute them, but link back to, and credit me in your website or design. If the modifications are trivial, I may consider it just a copy, and thus not allowed.

- You can't claim these brushes as yours.

- Don't use these brushes in racist, sexist, hateful or blaspheme works.

- You can link back and name in your website or designs, but it's not required, although I will appreciate it.

Floral Brushes

Are you creative?
Show your creativity. Want to be linked from here and have your work showcased in a list of the best web designs? Make a web graphic design with these brushes, place it in your website or blog, and link back to this post. Notify me by email when you have done that.

It can be a banner, website buttons, a background, or a small sample (like the ones I've done up here)... or a complete website, or any kind of image placed in a website.

When enough designs have been done, there will be a list of the best works done by the readers, with your image and a link back to your site (to the page where you show it).

-Emma Alvarez-

© 2008 by Emma Alvarez. Link to this post without copying the text.

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RomanTM said...

Hi Emma,
Thank you so much for these tools!
You are amazing!
Thanks again!

pharma street boys said...

wow wow wow
you are fantastic
it is soooo coool
i'll save your site link to keep in touch with your fantastic works


Frank said...

Hi Emma,
Thanks so much for your generosity.
You do beautiful, beautiful work.

EmCee Scraps said...

Thank you Emma, for your wonderful Generosity. these brushes are awesome

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