Congratulations Obama!!!

Obama has won the Elections. And in spite all those opinions that make emphasis on the African-American nature of the new President, I would emphasize his talent.
Obama has not won the Elections for being black, he has won because of being the best. And by the way, it was about time that an African-American became the President of the U.S.A.

The brilliant career of Barack Obama has been decisive in these elections. Obama is a man of principle, of strong moral values, that has, with no doubts, captivated the whole world.

His determination, knowing how to control the situation when they have to take decisions about the economical crisis, his generosity and loyalty to members of the opposition... Obama has proved to be a great man.

His tears when he lost his grandma moved many of us. Obama is a real man, with real feelings.

Today I heard a woman saying that today she didn't felt African-American, that she felt herself American.

The dream of Martin Luther King has become true today. And also the American dream that says that everybody can reach the highest level with effort and hard work.

Congratulations, Obama. Congratulations, America.

-Emma Alvarez-

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