Space Glow Wallpaper Tutorial

Final Image Preview:
In this tutorial you will learn how to make a space scene from scratch, create glowing effects, and glowing shapes.

For downloading the wallpaper click the image

For this tutorial, I used the following photo called Cyber Girl, by Kristy Victoria.You can see her work in her gallery of Deviant Art.

Open a new document in Photoshop with this size: 1280x1024, and a resolution of 72, and filled with black.

Make a new layer filled with black. Set the blend mode to Screen, and add a Filter>Noise>Add Noise, with the settings: Amount 12%, Gaussian, and Monochromatic. Once you do this, adjust the levels with Image>Adjustment>Levels to 65, 1.00, 99. This generates stars.

To add nebulae to this space scene, create a new layer and use Filter>Render>Clouds. Then, change its blend mode to Overlay. Double-click the layer to open the Layer Style dialog. Select Gradient Overlay, with these settings: Blend Mode-Overlay, Angle 52º and Scale 93%. For the colors, pick a gradient that has strong colors like a rainbow.

Add a new layer just before the last, and create a big star using Filter>Render>Lens Flare. Use Brightness 109 and 105 mm Prime. Place it like in this photo:

An the result must be something like this:

Now it's the time to use the photo of the girl. You can use the Magic Wand Tool to select the white parts of the photo and then drag the girl to your document. Then, use the Lasso Tool to roughly select the hair, and use Select/Color Range to pick the white that remains in the hair and delete it.

Place the layer containing the girl under the clouds layer, and Transform/Skew and Scale to change the girl so it looks more integrated in the image.

Now, add some layer effects by double-clicking the layer of the girl and selecting Outer Glow, and these settings: Blend Mode-Normal, and in Elements: Technique-Softer, Spread 0%, Size 16 px.
Duplicate the girl layer, and place it below the original, and apply Filter/Blur/Motion Blur, with these settings: Angle -49 Distance 82. This will integrate the girl even more.

Duplicate the layer of the girl again and move this copy under the previous, and use Filter/Render/Fibers with Variance 16 Strength 4. Double-click the layer, remove the Outer Glow effect, and add Gradient Overlay, with Blend Mode-Normal, Style-Linear, Angle 121, Scale 89. Then add a Layer Mask, and use a gradient to get the following result:

Everything that you place below the clouds layer is affected by the color overlay. Add some stars in other layers under that one, using my Sparkle Stars Brushes.

The glowing ribbons are created with the Pen Tool, and brushes. Just draw something curved with the Pen, and select a brush (for ribbons, you can use the "Drop Shadows Brushes" that come with Photoshop). Select the Pen Tool again, and right click the path and select "Stroke Path", with the option "Simulate Pressure" checked.
After that, apply these effects to the ribbons: Inner Shadow, Outer Glow, Inner Glow, Gradient Overlay.

For downloading the wallpaper click the image

-Emma Alvarez-

© 2008 by Emma Alvarez. Link to this post without copying the text.

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penarobbie said...

How Cool :D
Thank YOU so much for your AWESOME site, Emma !
I just started to learn ( on my own) graphic design and am so exited to see all that can be done... geeesh !!! .. will be on my puter thru night again, thanks to you **wink**, **smile**

I will make sure to share your site with my friends and will post your site on my page.

Keep being you :)


Emma Alvarez said...

Nice that I can help you! :)

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