New Search Plugin For Emma Alvarez Site

Now you can add Emma Alvarez Site to your browser's search engines, because now it has a new search engine plugin.

A search engine plugin allows you to make a search directly from your browser. In Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 you can find the search bar at the top righ.

This means that you can search into the contents of Emma Alvarez Site from the search box of Firefox or any other browser that you use.

You can add it just going here and clicking on the "Emma Alvarez Blog" name that is on the right of the icons. It is also linked from the line that you can find under the search box of that says "Add Search To Your Browser".

The new search plugin is hosted on Mycroft Project, a collection of Search Engine Plugins for your web browser.

I have to thank Jordi R. Cardona for installing and developing this plugin.
Jordi R. Cardona is a programmer, a Netbeans Community Partner, developer of the X3DV Module Suite for immersive 3D virtual worlds, and Co-Administrator of the Worldbuilders And Developers Community. You can check his page about virtual worlds and 3D: Hiperia3D News.
And as some of you may know, he's my hubby too LOL :D

-Emma Alvarez-

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suruha said...

Ah, the perks of the business! LOL Hubbies are wonderful, aren't they?

I have to try this out. Thank you!



Emma Alvarez said...


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