Curiosities Of Roses

In Saint Valentine's day millions of roses will be sold all over the world.

But did you know that...?

  • Roses had their origin, approximately, 35 to 32 million years ago, in the Paleolithic age.

  • They had their origin in Asia, but they were introduced in Europe first as rose oil, and people liked them so much that rose bushes were cultivated since then.

  • In Rome, roses were considered as an expression of luxury, so in the big banquets there were many roses, and their petals were used to perfume and decorate the rooms.

  • Petals of roses were used as painkillers in the past, to ease migraines, teeth ache...

  • The majority of perfumes contain roses in their composition.

  • Roses are cultivated in many colors. But the most difficult to get was the blue rose, considered as symbol of impossible.

  • Roses are also used in gastronomy.

  • Depending on the color of the rose, it has a different meaning.

  • The red rose means love and passion.

  • The white rose symbolizes purity and innocence.

  • The yellow rose means happiness.

  • The pink rose means gratitude, admiration, friendship.

  • The black rose symbolizes the night, sadness, death.

  • The orange rose: passion, satisfaction, happiness.
Images (in order): A summer rose, by SleepingBear; On the second day he came with a single red rose, by Judepics.

-Emma Alvarez-

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