Emma Alvarez On Yareah Magazine

Yareah is a magazine focused on literature, myths and arts. It is written in English and Spanish, something that I think is a great idea. It is directed by the writer Martin Cid.

Each number of the magazine is themed on one topic. The number of this month was "One Thousand And One Nights", and featured the articles of many remarkable authors, including Isabel Allende, the writer of the so popular book "The House Of The Spirits". Some of you may remember that was a movie based on her novel that was starred by Jeremy Irons.

In this number 4 they have also published an article written by me, and I am very proud of appearing there. You can read my article here: http://www.yareah.com/literatura_emma_1001.php

There are also outstanding artists that illustrate the pages of this magazine, making Yareah a high quality artistic and literary product.

I have to say that in the next month, I will be one of the artists that will illustrate the magazine, and there will be another surprise, that I think you'll like it. I'll tell you the next month.

If you're on the USA you can buy the magazine in paper, that is also available for download in PDF for free, or read it online.

Don't hesitate to visit Yareah: http://www.yareah.com/

-Emma Alvarez-

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Gerold said...

Congratulations with the recognition you got from a big(ger) internet publication! :)

(or should I have said: "Buena suerte!" ?) ;)

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you very much Gerold and yes I had buena suerte :)

José said...

Hi Emma,

Once in a while I enjoy visiting your blog, because I know that I'll find quality and relevant content.
This event is nothing less than the confirmation of the quality of your articles.

Kind regards,


Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you very much Jose :)

Steph said...

I don't know how this entry escaped me; I've been kind of out of it lately. Belated congratulations, Emma!

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Steph!

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