Origin And Properties Of Natural Soap

It is thought that the Sumerians were the inventors of soap, about year 3000 before Christ. The Egyptians improved the soap, mixing water and oils with vegetable and animal waxes. In ancient Greece and Rome, the finest and most aromatic and soaps were sold on markets. In that time, it was not only a need, but also a pleasure for personal care.

Many experiments have been done with soap, that sometimes has gone away from being a natural product, and lost the numerous benefits that it has.

So, many times, it is difficult to find a good soap made with ingredients that are totally natural, and it becomes a very hard task.

In "Best Bath Store" you can find soaps that are 100% natural: eucalyptus (often used in saunas), lavender (with calming and healing properties), even soap made with the minerals from the Dead Sea, and many more. They are fully made in the traditional way.

In "Best Bath Store" you can not only find the different kinds of natural soap. You can also read about the different properties of each one of them for your health.

These soaps help you to care yourself, being a perfect gift for Saint Valentine, or a big pleasure for every day of the year.

-Emma Alvarez-

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