Avatar in 3D

This Sunday I went to see Avatar, one of the best movies that I've seen in all my life. I must say that my will was to go on Saturday but it was impossible because all tickets were sold out.

I went to a 3D cinema in my town. When you enter, they give you some glasses of stereoscopic vision, and the experience was fascinating. But avatar is not only a movie (spectacular in a aesthetic sense), but also a brilliant production with a good plot and well developed characters. If I had to emphasize something it would be its message and the plot.

Avatar movie Wallpaper by ~JackieTran

Avatar is about life and its value over all things, about the respect for everything that is alive, because of the only reason of being alive. And in a world like this where making money fast is valued over all things, even if it means the destruction of animal species, the destruction of the planet for sordid and pointless luxuries, it's important to remember some things.

Where is the human being going to? Many times, to destroy everything that he touches. Sometimes the movie reminds us of what really has a sense, what is happiness and how to get it, and how simple can everything be, if we don't make it complicated.

And that is the message of the movie, a film that is magnificently made, with care, quite knowledge, and without sparing no dollars.

The argument is the following: Jake Sully is a soldier that is paraplegic. His twin brother has died and he is invited to join the Avatar mission. So he is taken to Pandora, an awesome planet, as you may imagine planet Earth when was inhabited by the dinosaurs: big jungles, giant animals, exuberant nature.

Human beings are interested in something that Pandora has, the unobtainium, a very valuable mineral. The Na'Vi are the inhabitants of Pandora, an humanoid race that live in harmony with nature and their planet.

Humans want the mineral amongst all things and  try to negotiate with the Na'Vi, but with no results because they seem not to have something to offer to the Na'Vi that they may wish.

Avatar wallpaper flight lesson by ~JackieTran

Some scientists have discovered a way to connect the human mind to some kind of artificial bodies that were created through genetics.

Jake is welcomed by the Na'Vi and they try to teach him their way of living and make him understand what ties them to their world and what really matters.

This changes forever the way in which Jake Sully sees life.

I recommend you to watch this wonderful movie, and I wish that this movie could open the eyes of many people, and make them come back from the cinema with a deep respect to everything around them. This is an utopia, but I'm sure that the director tried.

Go to see Avatar, one of the best movies of the history of cinema.68WE8HFG5264

-Emma Alvarez-

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José Carrilho (Go Detail) said...

Hi Emma and readers,

I've read good things about the movie, not only about its visual aspect as also for its screenplay.
However there's a characteristic that makes me reluctant about seing it: the realism is not at the same level in the whole movie i.e. while in a film like The Lord of the Rings, the characters (including the rendered ones) are in a simmilar level of realism, as also is the scenery, in Avatar some of the characters, namely the main one, has a "cartoonish" look that doesn't appeal to me.
If everything was at the same level of realism, then ok, but since it isn't, I don't like it that much.
Of course that this is arguable, not only in terms of aesthtics, but also in eventual scientific terms, since a real life form that we aren't used to could have that aspect.
But that's another "avatar" :-)

Take care,


Emma Alvarez said...

I can tell you that Avatar is totally immersive.
I liked it much more than the Lords Of The Rings, because the book is great, but the movies are sometimes a bit slow. Avatar is 3 hours of film but you feel that is short.

I encourage you to watch it!

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