Brushes Contest 5th Edition

As you know, every time that someone who uses my brushes sends me a link to the works done with them, I save it. Later, I choose the best ones to be featured here.

Lately, I have received rather good works and it's difficult to choose. My congratulations to the authors for their artworks and I encourage them and the others to continue taking part in this contest.

The Inevitable Truth by ~Miss-Shadow-Penguin

Still Present by ~Capricuario

Hopeless by ~nana63

6.12 by *uppuN

Darksiders: Your Last Days by ~magv89

Balthazar the Magi by ~J1Star

Butterfly in Orange by ~Sarahorsomeone

Pin-Up Question mark by ~Stradz

at night by ~atomita

Even if we are enemies... by ~Rubin89

-Emma Alvarez-

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