I come back!

First of all: Happy new year 2010!

Well, I must say that I'm back and also tell you some news.
My portfolio is online,  as some of you may already have noticed some days ago. It is located at www.emmaalvarez.com as I told you. Yesterday I added the feed, so everyone that wants to stay up to date with what's new and the new illustrations as they appear, you know, you can subscribe by RSS or by e-mail.

The change was an odyssey, and I must thank my husband that helped me in everything. Jordi (my husband) as some of you may already know, is programmer.
The change of address may have supposed to lose all the links, the connections, traffic... this is everything that I had achieved in years of work. So everything needed to be redirected, using some javascript code. This way all the blog has been redirected, and also the RSS feeds changed. In addition I also changed the navigation bar to a new one, and also some graphics.

The redirection has been a real success, and faster than we though. But there was also another mess that was to unify the partitions of the hard drive of my computer that was split in two.
Before doing this, Jordi and me did a test and the application said that there would be no problems, because the main partition was the one that I was using, and that it was safe. But as you know, no one knows what will happen with these things... and it happened!!!

After 4 hours, and after the program said that all was OK, it said "error number blahblah" and ALL ERASED!!! The partitions, Windows, all the information, all got smashed!!!
It was 2 in the morning and I nearly had a heart attack!

Jordi told me not to worry because I had saved everything and it was just a matter of re-install everything again. But there was another problem: months ago the DVD unit broke.
It was not a problem before, because I used the local network to pass files to Jordi's PC to save them. We tried to use a USB key but the process was slow and full of problems.

So no worries, tomorrow I will go and buy a new one, I thought. But to my surprise, when we started to call to PC shops, we discovered that the model that my computer uses is no longer available!!! I can't believe this, as my PC is not old! So another solution was to buy an external one...

"This is Christmas and all are sold out", they said me!!! I can swear I was going crazy, when a DVD recorder appeared but they said "you must come in 1 hour because we're going to close". Traffic was collapsed, but after a while we arrived there and took the damn reader, and started to install and install...

The fact was that I was a bundle of nerves, so Jordi helped me in everything. I cannot live without my computer... I get stoned, it's horrible!!! LOL!!!

And all that with Christmas Eve in the middle, having to cook and everything, but before Christmas Eve I had my computer as it was, with more hard drive, my web sites changed, and everything all right...

Jordi used some SEO tricks to make Google index everything very quickly. When all was finished I could breathe, and said him "thanks Jordi, how can I thank you for all this" and he said me "can you make me a new template?". Well, ok, I can't complain, LOL! For those who want to see how Jordi's new template looks, you can see it here. And tell to those of you who like 3D design, VR chats, Second Life, etc. Hiperia3D News is one of the most useful pages that you can find.

Something incredible also happened: Google changed their PageRank on day 1st so as all was indexed perfectly I stay the same as I was :) :) :) how lucky, I can't believe it, so this is how the story ended...

-Emma Alvarez-

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Kaye Waller said...

What a nightmare! I'm glad everything worked out.

A very happy and blessed New Year to you and Jordi; I look forward to another year of your great posts and art!

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you very much Steph :)
Yes a real nightmare, but now I feel a big peace LOL!

Hugs from Jordi and me :)

suruha said...

Well, from where I sit, LOL, it was well worth the trouble. You are such an amazing artist! I'm sorry you had such a time of it, but, I do thank you for all of it.

Your portfolio site is just beautiful! It has everything of yours all in one place. That's so nice.



Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Su, I'm really flattened by your words :) and I'm also happy with the work done

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