Advantages Of HP Products

Since always I loved to save lots of money. But sometimes, for saving money, I make mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes was to buy cheap multifunction printers. I always purchased those that were in clearance, and looked at the price of the inks to get the one that uses the cheapest.

I have an experience with a brand that I will not mention LOL! But always bought that brand and the multifunction lasted just 2 years as a maximum. But before getting broken, they were several months bothering me. The paper got stuck, the ink was not used completely, there were pages that got printed and others don't...

In the shop I buy the ink cartridges they always recommended me to buy an HP printer. But I always was amazed by the printer in clearance :P

But the last printer was too much for me. It broke 15 days after the warranty finished. So I decided to make things right and buy a multifunction printer of HP. I bought the cheapest one, but it works great LOL!

So I'm very happy with the brand HP, and I have purchased other products that worked well. In addition, there are some sites that offer hp coupons, so I'm glad with this.

-Emma Alvarez-

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