Wonderland Jewels Kit

I have done this product for Renderosity "Wonderland Jewels Kit". The product consists in:

30 jewels/ornaments
12 rings
16 buttons
16 necklaces
7 danglings
Total: 81 Elements ( 74 pngs 2500x2500, 300 dpi, 7 danglings 300x800 and 300 dpi )

When I saw "Avatar", I watched a trailer of Tim Burton's movie about Wonderland, and thought about this product. It was really fun to do.

To get it, go here: Wonderland Jewels Kit

A practical set to create jewels in 2D for your 3D characters or photomanipulations.
Hundreds of possible combinations.

You can also use them as beautiful ornaments for your creations, scrapbooking, web, backgrounds...

Create your own and original jewels making hundreds of combinations using the rings, buttons,
and danglings.

To purchase join Renderosity. Joining is free. The payment can be via Paypal or credit card.
Stay tuned for discounts.

Currently, they are 10% off.

-Emma Alvarez-

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