Phantom Of The Opera Versions

In sleep He sang to me
In Dreams He Came
The Voice which calls to me
And speaks my name
And do I dream again
For now I find
The phantom of the opera
is there inside my mind

Sing once again with me
Our strange duet
My power over you
Grows stronger yet
and though you turn from me
you'll glance behind
The Phantom of the opera
is there inside your mind

Those who have seen your face
Draw back in fear
I am the mask you wear

It's me they hear

My/your spirit and your/my voice
In one combined
The phantom of the opera is there
Inside your/my mind

He's there the Phantom of the opera
Beware the Phantom of the opera

In all your fantasies
You always knew
that man of mystery

Were Both In You

And in this labyrinth, where night is blind,
The phantom of the opera is here inside your/my mind

sing my angel of music

he's there..
The Phantom of the opera"

-lyrics of the original song-

The phantom of the opera is a gothic novel by the French author Gastón Leroux, has had many and different versions in music, movies, theater, series...

The story shows the impossible love, the frustration, the pain of a lonely and unfortunate heart.

The phantom of the opera is a talented compositor who lives under a theater of Paris, he is the author of all operas shown there, but nobody knows it. He hides his face with a mask, because he
has a deformity.

He rules in the shadows. One day he sees a substitute singer called Christine and falls in love.

Since that time he tries to help her but she doesn't know. She thinks that an angel helps her.

One night, the phantom provoked an accident, and Christine became of a substitute singer to a great star, thanks to the phantom.

And begins one of the greatest and most tragic stories of love.

-Emma Alvarez-

© 2008 by Emma Alvarez. Link to this post without copying the text.

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Anonymous said...

This is fantastic song! Holyhell version is also awesome, Erin did a great job. But to be honest, many great artist played this song (for example Nightwish).

Love your blog Emma :) Can I link it from mine blog?

Emma Alvarez said...

I agree, Maria Breon and Eric sound great, they must make more duets.
Yes you can put a link to this post.

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