My Artworks In Arco Hotel

During this month, you can see some of my artworks in Arco de San Juan Hotel in Murcia city (Spain).

Actually, it was going to be in the month of September, but the artist that had to make an exhibition this month (April) had a baby 2 days before that. So I had to prepare the exhibition in a very short time.

The exhibition is in Murcia, the seventh largest city in Spain. It was founded by the Moors in 825 CE. It's original name was Medina Mursiya. The founder of the city was Abderraman II. It is the statue with which I made the photo (LOL!).

Me and Abderraman II :D

Unfortunately we had very little time and I couldn't make too much photos. But the city has a big quantity of baroque buildings. And the Cathedral is something very impressive. We passed by with our car and couldn't make a photo, but when I can I'll do it to show you.

Murcia is a touristic and services place. It has a traditional agriculture that makes Murcia be called the Europe's orchard.

The food of Murcia is excellent. The quality of their vegetables is well known in all Europe, and their traditional food is very good. If some day you visit Murcia, don't forget to eat the "pastel murciano", it's a bad vice, it's so tasty...

The hotel "Arco de San Juan", where I am making the exhibition, is in the old part of the city, a very touristic area. It's is a four star hotel in the very cultural center of Murcia (Spain), near the Cathedral. The hotel is a XVIII Neoclassical palace that was property of the Count of Floridablanca, and has received numerous architectural acknowledgments and awards.

This is the hotel "Arco de San Juan"

The exhibition will be through May, and is open to the public during the hotel's working hours.

It's always a lovely experience to see the reactions of people with my work. I could talk to some people of Murcia there, and they were very kind to me. It's also very lovely to share this with you.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Kaye Waller said...

An absolutely stunning exhibition, Emma. You have every reason to be pleased and proud. Many congratulations!

Unknown said...

It must be a very proud moment for be able to do an exhibition in such a short time.

When the money is there I will take your advice to heart and will visit the city and its cuisine, as part of my planned world trip.

You certainly made a compelling argument, after all, who can resist a fine dine in such a beautiful place ;-)

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you very much Steph! :)

Oh yes Gerold, it was something really stressing, and don't doubt it, visiting Murcia, the architecture, the food, and the people is something really good. :)

suruha said...

Such an honor! Congratulations! Your art is just beautiful. In that setting it is even more so. Lovely place! Thanks for sharing this with us.



Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you so much dear Su! :)

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