"Best Of Me" ( Ratt )

After 11 years Ratt has a new album called "Infestation".

The new album has 11 songs:

1- Eat Me Up Alive
2- Best Of Me
3- A Little Too Much
4- Look Out Below
5- Last Call
6- Lost Weekend
7- As Good As It Gets
8- Garden Of Eden
9- Take A Big Bite
10- Take Me Home
11- Don't Let Go

The new album sounds with the classic style of the rock band formed in San Diego in 80's with so popular songs like: "Lay It Down, "Round and Round" and many more.

Of the original musicians of the band only last: Steven Pearcy, Warren DeMartin and Bobby Blotze.

Here you are the song "Best of me". Enjoy it!

-Emma Alvarez-

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Sheri said...

I remember this group for the '80s had no idea they were still around. Eleven years is a long time to go between albums. I used to love them, though.

Emma Alvarez said...

When I was child I also heard this band :)

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