I've Donated An Artwork To La Romana City Council

Last Saturday was an exciting day for me. I've donated one of my artworks to La Romana City Council . And one of my artworks will be in the permanent art collection of the Cultural Center of the village.

A bus sent by the City Council brought some artists and me to La Romana. We arrived at twelve o clock in the noon, and the Mayor and the Culture Councilor welcomed us.
Some artists like me donated an artwork. And after a speech of gratitude from the Mayor, they invited us to an excellent lunch.

La Romana is a place very well known for their excellent wine. And although I don't drink too much, I must say that the wine was absolutely excellent. They also gave us some Spanish tapas of cured ham with tomato, and vegetable cake, and olives.

After the reception, a part of the artists stayed painting important places of the village. Others went to teach drawing and painting to a group of children. And others, like me, lol, went to have a walk through the country and some streets of La Romana.
I did not know the place, and I must say that it was an absolutely nice day.

Some hours later, the Mayor and the Councilor invited us to a barbecue in the country. And after this some people started to sing and tell jokes. I could talk to many painters. It was a very cool day, and I can't stop thinking that I have my first permanent exhibition ;)

The work that I donated was "The Free Soul Of Pegasus". Everybody liked it very much. I did it specially for La Romana, and finished three days before at about 3 in the morning... oops, but I did it!!!

-Emma Alvarez-

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