Article About Me In Informacion Newspaper

The newspaper "Diario Informacion" was very interested in my exhibition at Hong Kong. But when I commented them that John Freeman was going to include me in his book "Sci-Fi Art Now", they were very excited about this news.

So they made me an interview. They wanted to make me a photo, and proposed me to come to my house, as I work from here. So they sent me a photographer. They were also very interested in my work. I showed them my files and some things that I was doing and are not published yet.

The article appeared in the web of the newspaper and in the newspaper itself.

In the web:

And in the newspaper:

I must say that the following day the phone did not stop ringing, but people didn't recognize me in the street LOL! For now ROFLOL!

-Emma Alvarez-

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suruha said...

People will recognize you in the street one day, Emma! You will be a star! LOL More congratulations for you. Relish and enjoy these times. You deserve it!



Emma Alvarez said...

LOL! Well, illustrators are not rock stars, but if one day someone recognizes me in the street I can swear you that will be very nice for me :D

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