John Freeman (Ex Marvel Editor) Includes Me In His Next Book

I'm so happy and proud with this: one of my artworks will be published in a book by John Freeman called "SciFi Art Now".

The book, that will be published in October 19, this year 2010, is described in the publisher's site (ILEX Press) as a showcase of "the crème de la crème of contemporary science fiction painters, illustrators and creators", and "full of exquisite art from around the world".

This book features many classic science fiction themes and sub genres as space ships, aliens, robots, cities of the future, or life in other planets. It's sold as a hardcover book of 192 pages, full of illustrations of classic and new themes of science fiction, including Steampunk.

My work "The Last Steampunk Flight", that belongs to this genre, appears in this book, with a quote describing the inspiration behind this illustration.

The foreword of the book is by the top science fiction artist Chris Foss and also includes works by Bob Eggleton, Ron Miller, Lee Gibbons, Rian Hughes and many others.

The book belongs to a series of books published by ILEX called "Art Now", that was very successful. Ilex Press is considered a high quality publisher of reference books that cover all aspects of art and creativity.

In North America, Ilex Press books are sold under various imprints by well-known publishers such as The Reader's Digest, Chronicle Books, Abrams, Harper Collins, Watson Guptill, St Martin's Press, Running Press, or O'reilly.

They're translated into many languages including French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and others.

The UK cover is by the brilliant World Fantasy Award winner and Hugo Award-nominated artist John Picacio. You may have seen many book covers with his art.

And the US cover is an artwork created specifically for SciFi Art Now by Steve Sampson, cover artist for many numbers of the Marvel UK comic "Overkill".

The book is expected to be launched simultaneously in the UK, Europe and in the USA in October. You can anyway make a preorder in Amazon here and get the book as soon as it is published.

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The author, John Freeman, has worked in publishing for over 20 years. He is also a freelance writer and a creative consultant, whose talent as a writer qualified him to be the Director of the Lancaster Literature Festival.

But Freeman is widely known for his work with Marvel UK. Freeman designed and edited Doctor Who Magazine and comic titles such as Death's Head II, Warheads, Overkill, and others.

He was Managing Editor at Titan Magazines in London, publishers of a wide range of licensed science fiction magazines. He has, amongs other tasks, edited publications as Babylon 5 Magazine, Star Trek Magazine, Star Wars Comic, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The X-Files, Xena, Planet of the Apes, Simpsons Comics UK and Manga Max. Titan Magazines is part of the Titan Publishing Group, publishers of Titan Books and owners of many Forbidden Planet (London) shops.

The Last Steampunk Flight by Emma Alvarez

He writes for diverse media including Star Trek Magazine itself, and also administers the British comics web site, a top-notch site that provides news, events, and features for British comics fans.

Having said all this, you can understand the extraordinary importance of John Freeman in the scope of science fiction and comics. It's for me an enormous honor that he has picked one of my artworks for such a formidable catalog of sci-fi art.

The new book of the series "Art Now" will show my work "The Last Steampunk Flight" in its pages, in company of stablished masters of the genre, to be seen by sci-fi art lovers worldwide.

If you like science-fiction, you can't miss this opportunity to get a catalog of the best art in the genre. Pre-order the book in Amazon to ensure you get it even if the edition gets sold-out. Not only because I'm there :) but also for the diversity of depictions of this art that you will find in its pages.

I will keep informing you more about this book, the art it contains and other things related in the next months, so stay tuned!

-Emma Alvarez-

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