Spain Won The World Cup!

Yesterday Spain won the World Cup in one of most difficult football match that I've seen in my life.
Netherlands played in a very aggressive way, but Spain won. And today the Empire State showed a Spanish flag in its top.

The match was a really difficult one. It seems that Netherlands players tried to win us injuring our players. But the Spanish players were very determined and won in a clean way and showing that they're the best team in the world.

It has been a great happiness for Spain. It was very moving to see in the news how the Spanish soldiers in peace missions in other parts of the world celebrated Andres Iniesta's goal.
I have to say that when Iniesta scored the goal I shouted so loud that I almost loss my voice.

Iniesta scored the goal after being kicked more than 10 times. All the country is celebrating this and wanted to share it with you.

I loved to see Rafa Nadal, another Spanish top sportsman, watching the match. Nadal is an example of good sportsman, very noble with his adversaries, with a great capacity for enduring and a very honest person. Nadal just won Wimbledon. He is one of the best tennis players in the world.

Morgan Freeman, my favorite actor, was also watching the match. And also the Queen of Spain and the Prince and the Princess of Spain.

Just some days ago Spain won Germany in an absolutely brilliant match, very good. When Spain won, the Queen of Spain was so happy that she went running to the dressing room of the Spanish players and LOL! Puyol, that scored the goal, was just wearing a towel, it was so fun!
Can you imagine what could happen if the towel had fall in front of the Queen of Spain? :D

Another anecdote about the World Cup is the romance between Iker Casillas (the Spanish goalkeeper) and Sara Carbonero (a sports journalist). At the beginning of the World Cup, The Times in UK published that Sara Carbonero may distract Iker Casillas and that their romance will be the end of the Spanish team. They accused them of a poorly professional attitude and lots of European newspapers started to gossip about this.
Yesterday, Iker Casillas, that is also the captain of the Spanish team, very moved for the victory, was interviewed by his girlfriend Sara Carbonero. It was quite a strange situation, and in the middle of the interview, Iker kisses Sara, and that kiss was as much celebrated as Iniesta's goal.

Another thing that I liked very much about Spain winning the World Cup was because of the coach Vicente Del Bosque. Some years ago, when David Beckham joined the Real Madrid team, Vicente Del Bosque had turned that team into a very successful one, and won lots of money for Real Madrid. Because of that, they could hire David Beckham. But the same day in which David arrived, Del Bosque was fired, saying that he had done all he could. That was so unfair. But yesterday justice prevailed because we won the World Cup.

Today the Royal Family and the President received the Spanish team, and now there's a big celebration in Madrid and in all Spain.

The two little girls are the daughters of the Princess. They are so cute. The wife of the Prince is from Asturias, the same place where I was born.

Oh, just one more thing! The goal's video!

This has been like a movie. The good win, and the hero gets the girl!!! ;) Oh, and there are Kings, Princes and Princesses...

-Emma Alvarez-

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