My Conference At Corte Ingles Alicante

Last Monday I made a conference about digital art at the Ambito Cultural of Corte Ingles in Alicante.
Some months ago they asked me to make this conference, so I already had it prepared since summer.
Corte Ingles in Spain is something like Harrods in UK. It has a culture area (Ambito Cultural) where exhibitions and conferences are made.

I will also make an art exhibition there in April 2011. I'm very proud of all this because it's not easy at all to get this.

The conference was going to start at 19:30, but after some technical problems that made me a little nervous, lol! it started at 19:45. There was no way to to connect my computer to the slides screen, so I had to copy the conference data to an USB pen and plug it into another computer.
The conference was in 2 Powerpoint files. When I passed them to the other PC the shortcuts didn't work. But well, nobody noticed this, but me, that wanted to pull my hair out LOL!

But all that passed away when I saw the reactions of people, so much interested about the topic and so excited about what I was telling.

The conference was introduced by Consuelo Giner, the President of EDA, the Spanish artistic association to which I belong.

Everybody was very happy with the conference, it was really fun, and were lots of questions, so many that we were very late. I got many congratulations and really enjoyed the moment.

Here you are a video with some photos of the event.

-Emma Alvarez-

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suruha said...

Look at you! You are gorgeous! How awesome, Emma! Congratulations to you!



Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you so much Su! :D

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