Omo Valley People, Art In Skin

Omo River is a rive of Ethiopia (Africa). In the lower valley of Omo River there is one of the most important archaeological sites of Africa, and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There is also a region of great beauty in the valleys of Omo River. It is a region where there are still volcanic remains, such a magical zone as the inhabitants it has.

The inhabitants of Omo Valley decorate their faces and body with paintings, to create in their skins true works of art.
Drawing in their bodies with their hands, sometimes with their nails, and other times with simple wood sticks. They also put ornaments made of natural elements, flowers and leaves.

Color is their biggest ally, and the nature and beauty is reflected in those people that conceive art as freedom and express themselves turning their bodies into a true canvas.

-Emma Alvarez-

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