Aurora, nature's most beautiful show

In some far places, in the dark of the night, before the sun rises, sometimes appears the Aurora. Aurora is a winding bright light that seems to dance in the sky.
In northern latitudes it's called Aurora Borealis. The name of Aurora comes to the roman goddess of the dawn. Aurora the goddess, according the roman lore was a beautiful woman, who flies through the sky to announce the arrival of the sun. Her tears are the dew. Tears spilt for the death of her son. Boreal comes from the Greek word "wind".

It's said that after seeing an Aurora, you will be happier for the rest of your life.
The surprising phenomenon is produced in the following way. The sun emits energy charged particles called "solar wind". These solar winds arrive to the Earth (it takes them 2 days), and impact in the atmosphere, and when they crash with the nitrogen and oxygen atoms, they free energy in the form of light. That light is the Aurora. Depending on the chemical element impacted, a specific color will predominate. This phenomenon also happens in other planets.
Apart from technical details, the Aurora is one of the most beautiful shows that nature can offer us. As a magical dream, Aurora appears in the sky and dances for us while we can do nothing but admire it.

One day, I made my own Aurora, a dream only for you. The real Aurora is more beautiful, because the artist who made it is bigger than us all.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Ryano- The Crazy News Guy said...

Wow! This is awesome Emma. One day I hope to see the Aurora with my own eyes :)

Emma Alvarez said...

So if you see the Aurora with your own eyes, you'll be happier in the future :)

Jessica said...


p said...

i live in northern manitoba. i see the aurora every night there is a clear sky in the winter. 3 days ago we had some amazing solar activity that resulted in a spectacular light show. It lasted over 4 hours. I have grown up in the canadian north and I am still awestruck every time i witness this spiritual event.

Emma Alvarez said...

WOW!!! p you are lucky.

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