The Top Ten Sci-fi Movies

I start with this article a new section of this blog. All months there will be an article about cinema, about interesting films, top ten...

And I wanna begin with this genre. Science Fiction has a lot of detractors. Sci-fi is for intelligent people and with an open mind, with imagination and creative.
I always have preferred the good books of the genre because our imagination goes much far away than a film. But there are very goods films in the history of cinema.

After that, a list of the best Sci-fi movies.

1- The Star Wars Trilogy: Star Wars/The Empire Strikes Back/Return Of The Jedi

2- Alien

3- Blade Runner

4- Matrix

5- E.T. The Extraterrestial

6- Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

7- Logan's Run

8- Dune

9- The Fifth Element

10- Tron

Each one contributed to give shape to our imagination. And were very important in their moment. For Example:

The Star Wars Trilogy, nobody can forget the sensations when they saw Star Wars for first time. John Williams sound track, and unforgettable characters: Han Solo, Darth Vader, C-3PO, R2-D2, Princess Leia Organa, Ioda... Always thought that the success of the trilogy was based of values as: friendship, courage, freedom, love... And a team of people that were part of a project in which they believed.

Alien, absolute exiting. With a very good performance by Sigourney Weaver. Giger created a horrific creature that can remind us a space cockroach ( nobody can can kill it ) lol.

Blade Runner, it's about a future time. Men create clones, they are treated as slaves, and they rebel. All clones must be exterminated. Only a question: can these clones love? Solution: at the end of the movie.

The Matrix, I love and hate it. The argument is absolutely genial. But the specials effects as jumps, slow scenes, have been copied so many times, that there are hundreds of movies with the same photography, the same jumps... The film goes about what is the reality, and what we can perceive. It's the most interesting of this movie.

E.T., absolute tender. This kind extraterrestrial desperately needed a mobile, lol. Charmed to everybody. I have to confess that I can't see the this movie because I begin to cry with the first tittle and until the end of the film. So the following day I can not open my poor eyes.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind, everybody goes crazy for the possibility than extraterrestrials can exist or communicate with them... The end is a big concert lol!
No, now seriously, it is a very emotive encounter between the human race and the extraterrestrials.

Logan's Run
, absolute interesting. It is a bit as "
Brave New World" of Aldous Huxley. It's about the "perfect" society. In the film everybody must die at 30 years old, family doesn't exist, love doesn't exist, nor couple, nor sons... All is artificial happiness.

Dune, it's an epic story between fantasy and science fiction. It's based in Frank Herbert's books. Were very popular books, and inspired the movie.

The Fifth Element, each 5000 years one door between 2 dimensions is opened. Inside it, an element. Only this element must be found, the fifth.

Tron, a programmer gets into a computer for recover his program that was stolen by the company that fired him. It's famous by an action scene which inspired a game very popular in that times.

Each one of us have his/her favorite list. I am sure I forgot some important movies. Tell me which.

General- Star Wars

-Emma Alvarez-

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Brinstar said...

Close Encounters of the Third Time is number one on my list of most-hated films. It was a complete waste of time and it's incredibly over-rated. It's tedious, slow, and dripping with awful and contrived sentimentality. This is perhaps one of the most glaring pieces of evidence that Steven Spielberg simply fails at knowing how to end a film well. It goes on and on and on when it should have ended. More examples: AI and Minority Report.

Of the ones I have seen on your list, the only ones I can agree with are:

Star Wars - It's cheating to have the entire trilogy up there. Star Wars was not the best of the series, but it is a turning point in cinema history. The best of the series is Empire Strikes Back.

Alien - Science fiction horror done well. Another historically important piece of science fiction cinema.

Blade Runner - This is absolutely an essential science fiction film and has an important place in cinema history.

The Matrix - It's flashy and emulated. The fact that a lot of modern films try to match the style of The Matrix is significant. It's not as good or as important as the other films, but it still popularised a certain style of cinema. The Wachowski brothers, however, were very heavily influenced Japanese animation and Asian cinema, and the influence is very clear in The Matrix. They didn't do much that was new, but they did make it popular.

Of the ones I haven't seen, I think the following still deserve to be on the list:


That is it. The Fifth Element was derivative, shallow, and uninspired.

E.T. was popular, but it wasn't good.

The others, I don't have an opinion on.

Emma Alvarez said...

Brinstar,I enjoyed your opinion. Specially with Close Encounters. I think that Spilberg is unique to get the emotional point in his movies, but needs someone more to give a more rational point to them.

But as BAD movie of science fiction, we can name "Signs" (Mel Gibson). I saw Scary Movie 3, and when I saw Signs later on, I found Signs was much more fun that Scary Movie 3 !!! I passed all the film laughing. Specially when they run around the house insulting the aliens, or the glorious moment when they make hats with aluminium paper for their heads to repel the aliens...
I must do a post of the WORSE movies of sci-fi, but you all should help to make the list.

The All Seeing Eye said...

Great list. However, a great sci-fi movie was The Final Countdown. It stars Martin Sheen and asks what would happen if a nuclear aircraft carrier time-travelled to the day before Dec 7, 1941 off the coast of Hawaii. It's on DVD if you want to give it a try...

Emma Alvarez said...

The final condown, I didn't saw it. But I have curiosity. I will see it.

Aayush said...

Thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog Emma! I value ur opinion :)

JamyTan said...

Awesome !

Emma Alvarez said...

I think Joolian that when you say "picks" means the videos. Thank you.
In part you are right "2001: A Space Odyssey" is a very important movie. But I have to confess I tryed twice times to see the movie and fell asleep the two. Stanley Kubrick is a genius, but as all the genius, doesn't reach to everybody in the same way.

jOolian said...

Emma ~ yeah... i def agree with you on that...fall asleep... but then, i can do that even in movies like Hostel, Cook/Thief/Wife/lover and other disturbing violent genres... There are a couple movies, may not fit 'Sci-Fi' 100%, but are close and awesome.... one is French...gotta look backup what the names are.
**btw, you like 'Toons, like the Venture Brothers ??

Jaya said...

I think I'd have to put
'Contact' in my top 10
Sci-Fi movies. And then
some of the old classics,
like 'The Day The Earth
Stood Still' and the old
original 'The Time Machine'
... good stuff.

Emma Alvarez said...

No Joolian here in Spain they don't put in TV Venture Brothers. I saw something in www and sounds well.

Emma Alvarez said...

Oh yes Jaya "Contact" I saw it and I like it much, but I forgot it.
The time machine I saw the new and I like it but something was mising. They told me about the old one and said me it was good. I would like to see it, but it's hard to find this kind of movies.
I also heard about the other, and I will try to watch it.
Those are the kind of good movies that they put on TV at 4 in the morning, and in prime time they just put the same boring ones.

Chelloveck said...

Hello, I loved your list (and your blog)!
In a competition of science fiction films among Hungarian sci-fi bloggers we could give out a total of 100 points to our favourite movies. Here is my TOP 14:

1. The Empire Strikes Back (1980., Irwin Kershner) 13 points
2. Star Trek VI. - The Undiscovered Country (1991., Nicholas Meyer) 12 points
3. Starship Troopers (1997., Paul Verhoeven) 10 points
4. Honey, I Shrunk The Kids (1989., Joe Johnston) 10 points
5. Planet of The Apes (1968., Franklin J. Schafner) 10 points
6. A Clockwork Orange (1971., Stanley Kubrick) 10 points
7. The Bicentennial Man (1999., Chris Columbus) 5 points
8. Close Encounters of The Third Kind (1977., Steven Spielberg) 5 points
9. Thomas In Love (Thomas est amoreux, 2000., Pierre-Paul Renders) 5 points
10. The Lost World (1925., Harry O. Hoyt) 5 points
11. King Kong (2005., Peter Jackson) 5 points
12. Blade Runner (1982., Ridley Scott) 5 points
13. Tron (1982., Steven Lisberger) 3 points
14. Fantastic Voyage (1966., Richard Fleischer) 2 points

There were other categories such as the best actor / actress, best villain, best spaceship, best created world etc., but there was a 1st round about SF tv series and there's gonna be a 3rd one: best sf books, writers etc. Check out my blog, don't ever mind it's in Hungarian, just choose the Categories: "SFblogs toplista" & "Listák" and have fun.

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Chelloveck for contributing with your list.

Staci Rose said...

What about Galaxy Quest...or Spaceballs?!! :)

Good list.

My husband and I love a good sci fi but are also having a great time with all the comic book movies: Fantastic 4, Hellboy, Elektra, etc.

Emma Alvarez said...

Staci Rose, Space Balls and Galaxy Quest, they are very funny !!!

Chelloveck said...

And when can we have a look at your top 10 favourite sf books?

Emma Alvarez said...

I didn't thought about posting a sci fic book list. But if I'd do it, I have no doubt the fist place would be for "I am legend" by Richard Matheson. In second place, "Braw New World" by Aldous Huxley. And third, "Conditionally human" by Walter M. Miller Jr. And many Henry Kuttner short novels that I like very much.
I also like Fredric Brown.

Staci Rose said...

Oooh! Sci fi books! Great idea! Octavia Butler (hardest workin African American, female sci-fi writer). Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale. Spider Robinson, Lady Slings the Booze (may be too punny). Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett.

I have a hard time reading the male perspective unless it's funny. Too many sexaholic green ladies. Unless it's like something by Douglas Adams, for instance.

Emma Alvarez said...

Thanks Staci Rose for your comment. I will have a look to the writers you named. Ah, Henry Kuttner is fun too.

Anonymous said...

Might I suggest:

"The Quiet Earth", a 1985 science fiction movie from New Zealand. The saturn rising scene is etched in my memory.

"Solaris". The russion verion, not the cloony one. Sloooow, talky, primitive fx, but some very memorable scenes.

"Akira" Japan 1987. First big budget anime, still the best.

"Primer" 2004 ultra low budget ($7000!) about inventors and their time machine. Worth a watch.

Vendetta said...

I have to add Forbidden Planet to the list. A great special effects triumph that stands up well even today (it was made in the late 50's). As for the earlier comments by brinstar about Close Encounters... CE was a movie from a different time. It was a slower pace than modern slam-bang movies (like Transformers), but back then it was REALLY something. Truly the stuff of nightmares and sleepless nights for me as a teen. I agree that the ending was disappointing, but again, at the time, the common thinking among those who believed we were "not alone" was that the aliens would be benevolent. Most of us have since changed our minds about this, but it was a kind of "God Fantasy" of the era. I think you would have to have seen it then, in it's full glory on the big screen to fully appreciate what a thrill it was for sci-fi fans at the time.

Nemes Ioan Sorin said...

Not on a specific order

2001: A Space Odyssey (hmm, one of the best ever)
Solaris (what else I can say ...)
Contact (humanity about itself - strong characters - big novel - big roles)
The Stalker (what a story by Arkadi and Boris Strugatki "Picknic at the margin of the road")
Blade Runner
I, Robot
The Day The Earth Stood Still
War of the Worlds
Star Wars
Star Trek

also from a modern perspective Johny Mnemonic (actual movie actually kill the original story of William Gibson)

somewhere on top could be Matrix but for FX not for story

Emma Alvarez said...

Hi Nemes, I agree too with your list, and I also liked Johnny Mnemonic. And about Matrix, I agree completely.

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