The Mona Lisa Secrets

Francesco Giocondo ordered Leonardo Da Vinci to paint his wife, Lisa Gherardini (the picture is called Gioconda because she was the wife of Giocondo, Giocondo/Gioconda). Francesco Giocondo was a merchant friend of Leonardo's father.

Others said that was the father of Leonardo, Sir Piero Da Vinci, who ordered the portrait to Leonardo. This way, Francesco Giocondo, who was a wealthy man, could become a good patron for Leonardo. Leonardo spent much of his time doing strange gadgets and needed to finance them.

Leonardo painted Lisa Guerardini when she was 24 years old. He liked so much the result of the picture, that never gave it (always found an excuse to not giving it). In all his travels he took the picture in his suitcase and never separated from it.
Her strange smile... Lisa was from a rich family. It's not strange that rich people had bad eating habits, because vegetables and fruit were for poor people. So many wealthy people had nutrition problems, and it's not strange that they haven't all their teeth.
Some say she was probably pregnant when Leonardo painted her. Her hands are swollen, and is wearing no rings.
You can also note that she has no eyebrows. To remove the eyebrows was a trend in her times.

They said that Francesco Giocondo was deeply in love with Lisa. Someone said that Lisa was sweet and guileless.

If you order a portrait of you wife and the painter never gives it to you, and takes it always with him... What could Francesco feel?

What had Lisa to make men go so crazy? The picture is enigmatic, everybody is captivated by its atmosphere. She is always staring at you. No matter where you stand, she keeps staring directly at you.

How influenced Lisa Gherardini to Leonardo?
Here you are a video with other women painted by Da Vinci.... All them are a little Gioconda.

Because love has a face and many names.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Fábio Dias said...

Thanks for the comments in my blog!
I love arts too.
And nothing better that Monalisa to express a mistery.
Actually, I read an article about her. Some students says the Monalisa was a Da Vince Neighbor.

So, that all what a brazialian guy can say about that =D

amazing blog!

jOolian said...

Wonderful insights Emma. And, i don't recall that story, so wow, intrigue abounds... for whatever reason, really no clue why, but i have never been as captivated to this painting as its history has had on many...oddly. But you bring me new insights that make it more special, as a whole.
i will say that 'the smile' itself and eyes were remarkably captured... the subtle, unique difference that each person possesses, and DaVinci had to see deeper into her soul and had to truly feel her inside him (or at least, how he felt her presence)... capturing that unique subtleness is so difficult, he had to be entranced and immersed into her, my belief…..which is what you just wrote about.
Great Post Emma ! ~julian

Emma Alvarez said...

Fabio the funiest comment that I heard about an artwork was about "the three Graces", that was "they are doing aerobics to loose weight".

Emma Alvarez said...

Joolian it's incredible how much everybody likes this picture, and the magnetism it has. I saw it in Louvre Musseum and I was surprised how small it was. And you can hardly see it because it was sorrounded by all the visitors. I saw only another artwork (a statue) that provoked so much expectation. I will not tell you which one was. I will talk about it in another post :P

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