Silver Surfer. His Story.

With this post, I inaugurate a new section of this blog. A section about "comics & cartoons".

The movie of this summer is "Fantastic four and Silver Surfer". But Who is Silver Surfer?

Silver Surfer is a super hero of Marvel, created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. But what is the history of Silver Surfer?

Norrin Radd (Silver Surfer) is from the Zenn-La planet. A planet where peace reigns and a pacifism spirit predominate. Norrin Radd will work for Galactus, the planet eater, to avoid that Zenn-la is destroyed by Galactus.

Norrin Radd will get planets to feed Galactus. In the beginning, planets without life; but these planets don't have enough energy, so Radd will get planets with primal life. This matter will give to him a big sorrow so Galactus handles telepathically Norrin Rad so Radd doesn't have conscience problems. Galactus will give superpowers to Norrin Radd, a silver appearance and a surfboard as vehicle. Norrin Radd will be Silver Surfer.

Silver surfer will arrive to Earth planet. Here he discovered that he was fooled by Galactus. He will met the Fantastic Four, who convinced Silver Surfer to protect the Earth. Galactus enraged, and sentenced Silver Surfer to stay in the Earth forever.
But thanks to Fantastic Four who broke the barrier of Galactus, Silver Surfer will be able to leave the Earth and discovers that Galactus has destroyed his planet. That happening will be a hard load in his heart forever. And Silver Surfer will be the protector of the Universe.

Fantastic Four Diorama

-Emma Alvarez-

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CrazyKinux said...

Never knew the origins of this Silver Surfer, thanks a lot!

Emma Alvarez said...

Crazykinux, the best of the Marvel world is that there are a lot of universes to discover.

elroy said...

One of the greatest things (IMO) about the marvel universe is how interconnected it all is. They've always done a fantastic job of stitching together vast story-lines which involving multiple characters.

I've lamented on more than one occasion that this is also the reason why we will hardly ever see film version of many major events in the marvel universe -- quite simply because it's just too difficult to get the licensing mumbo jumbo sorted out to have multiple characters in a single movie -- We got lucky with the Fantastic Four movie (in so much as it stayed reasonably close to the Surfers first appearance in the FF comics).

However if you look at the original origin of say, Venom - well, that story involved just about every imaginable marvel hero (it was called The Secret Wars, for those playing at home) and it would never have been possible to make as a movie. There is however an animated version similar to the story that they adapted for the latest film, but even in that Iron Man makes an appearance.

Thanks for the great post Emma - It's nice to see more information about the Surfer being posted on sites like yours. Keep up the great work.

Emma Alvarez said...

Thanks Elroy, is a pleasure to have such a comic-knowing person in this blog.
This wednesday I went to see "Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer" and I liked it very much. The post about Venom is near...

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