The Lost City Of Atlantis

The first informations about Atlantis were found in one of the books of the Greek philosopher Plato, in 350 B.C. In one of his books there were some dialogs between Timaeus and Critias (disciple of Socrates), in which they mentioned how the Athenians did defeat the Empire of Atlantis.

The Atlanteans lived in an island called Atlantis. When the Atlanteans tried to subdue Greece and Egypt, the Athenians stopped and defeated them. After this, there was a big earthquake and a big flood, and Atlantis was sunk and disappeared forever.

The mythological version is the following. The god Poseidon fell in love with a mortal called Cleito. They had ten children. Their first son was called Atlas, and was the King of the island and the ocean. Atlas gave its name to the island (Atlantis) and the sea that surrounded the isle (Atlantic Ocean). They other 9 children were given 9 fiefdoms inside Atlantis, where they ruled.

In Atlantis there was an enormous temple in honor of Poseidon, with a giant statue of the god, with 6 horses, that was made of gold.

The legend says that the Atlanteans became corrupt and vain beings. So the Gods punished them destroying them and their civilization.

From the antiquity, the existence of Atlantis was questioned. Aristotle, disciple of Plato, denied its existence. But many wise from the antiquity affirmed it.

The search for the lost city of Atlantis has lasted until today. Finding that mysterious island, that belonged to a superior culture full of treasures is a challenge for many.

There are many theories about Atlantis. One of them is that the island of Atlantis may be in Thera, which is nowadays called Santorini, and the civilization that inhabited there were the Minoans.

The Minoan civilization was very advanced for their times, and disappeared mysteriously. The island of Thera had a big volcano, and it had an eruption. That eruption created a tsunami that affected the nearest islands. The great power of the Minoan civilization lied in their fleet. This big wave made these ships disappear, and once they were weakened, they were defeated by the Greeks.
This is one of the theories about how the Minoans disappeared, and their relationship with the legend of Atlantis

There were many adventurers that searched for the lost city. With the discovery of America, they tried to find mythical places. One of them was Atlantis.

Later, not only dreamers searched for the lost city. Even some countries spent funds for finding it, like the British government, that thought that the island may be near the Azores, following the book by Ignatius Donnelly.

Nazis also searched for Atlantis in a mad search for the origins of the Aryan race.

Recently, Robert Sarman affirmed that after 10 years of investigation, he has proofs of the existence of Atlantis. Atlantis may be at 80 Kms of the Cyprus coast, and at 1.5 Km of depth.
Sarman says that he has found remains of city walls and an acropolis.

The search for Atlantis still continues, because maybe as all the great mysteries, it will never be solved.

-Emma Alvarez-

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