Batman, From The DC Star To The Dark Knight

Batman is a DC Comics character. His first appearance was in 1939, in nº27 of the comic book Detective Comics.

Detective Comics, with Action Comics (where Superman appeared for first time) have been the star comics of DC. As a curiosity, the name of DC Comics comes from Detective Comics.

At the end of the 30s, DC Comics needed a hero that could be as captivating and popular as Superman was in those times.

Batman's alter ego is Bruce Wayne. And people loved Bruce Wayne because he was not a superhero with special powers. Wayne had great physical aptitude, and intelligence. In addition, he surrounded himself with hi-tech gadgets that made the readers dream.

In 1940, Batman nº1 appeared. His first creators where the writer Bill Finger, and the drawer Bob Kane. After them, there were other writers and drawers that gave more nuances to this character. And Batman became one of the most popular comic characters and a source of inspiration for later characters.

The story of Batman is the following. Bruce Wayne (Batman) witnessed the death of his parents when he was a child. He inherited a big fortune and trained himself both physically and intellectually to fight against crime. For that, he uses the identity of Batman.
As a curiosity, the character of Batman is strongly based on Zorro. The night in which the parents of Wayne died, they were watching the movie The Mark of Zorro. When they got out of the cinema, Wayne's parents are killed by a robber.
In the same way that Zorro has as his sign the Z, the sign of Batman is the Batsignal, the silhouette of a bat.

The metamorphosis of Wayne into Batman was not easy. Wayne prepared his character carefully. He studied criminology, forensic science, martial arts...
Wayne changed his voice when he becomes Batman. The Batman visage appealed to primal fears and phobias.

In his adventure against crime, Batman is often accompanied by a teenage called Robin.

The Batman-Robin team was a great success. When Robin (Dick Grayson) grew up, he became the hero Nightwing, so the role of Robin was assumed by Jason Todd.
As a curiosity, the death of Jason Todd was voted by the fans of Batman. The result was that Todd should die for 5343 against 5271.
The substitute of Jason Todd was Tim Drake.

During some numbers, Robin was a girl. She was Stephanie Brown, daughter of Cluemaster and girlfriend of Tim Drake.

Wayne's town is Gotham City, that is inspired in New York. Batman goes through Gotham with his Batmobile. His secret place where he hides all his gadgets is the Batcave.

Another ally of Wayne is, with no doubts, his butler, Alfred Pennyworth, that helps him to hide his secret identity.

Batman's enemies are as special as Batman himself. Between them there is Joker, Riddler, Two-Face, Penguin... And let's not forget his enemy-friend Catwoman.

The first TV series about Batman was in 1960. The series was a pop icon, and added a big sense of humor to Batman's adventures.

In the cinema, Batman appeared several times, with more or less acceptance by the fans of Batman.

The last movie about this character is "Batman the Dark Knight", directed by Christopher Nolan, and performed by Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Harvey Dent, and Heath Ledger.

The Dark Knight name comes from a miniseries of comics by Frank Miller, drawer and scriptwriter both of Marvel and DC Comics.
In The Dark Knight (the comic), Bruce Wayne is middle-aged man that still keeps his ideals of fighting crime in Gotham city. The movie "Batman the Dark Knight" is the second part of "Batman Begins", and although it takes the name from Frank Miller's comic book, the argument is different.

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It's not a superhero movie, or a crime drama either. It's a horror movie -- an epic one, and a great one. Madness and mutilation are on the menu...

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