More Than 100,000 Free Icons

In the beginning, icons helped us to identify an application, a file. And that's what they're for, but in addition to that, they're a good way for customizing and making our workspace more pleasant.
They're also a way to express oneself. Without doubt, in this list you'll find those that match your style better.

No more you'll need to search for icons, as here you'll find more than 100,000 for free.

VistaIcon, 2,500 icons in Vista style in ICO and PNG format. There are many styles and all of them very neat.

IconBase, More than 300 icons in 47 icon sets. In 3D, some of them are really stunning.

Open Clip Art, 7,000 Public domain icons that can be used for anything and modified.

NerdBusiness, An excellent list of near 6,000 high quality icons with links to the original sources.

RSS Icons, 30 free RSS vector icons, with different colors and variations.

IconFinder, IconFinde is an useful icon search engine that can save you a lot of time. It contains more than 5,000 free icons.

Free Icons Web, 15,000 free icons for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Icons for Halloween, cartoons, fruits, developer icons...

Icon Archive, 17,800 icons sorted by categories for Windows, MacOSX, and Linux.

MaxPower, Many free icon sources listed by license type and updated frequently.

Fast Icon, High quality and funny icons of little monsters, animals...

IconsPedia, Lots of icon packs, some very original. The site can be navigated by categories, and all of them are of high quality.

Mini Icons, 320 mini icons that are only 14x14 pixels. This make them very valuable for applications or web applications.

Feed Icons, The standard web icon for RSS feeds, in different colors and sizes.
Iconaholic, Original and neat 3D icons. XP style, near 350 icons.

Iconlet, Another icon search engine that contains more than 6,000 icons.

InterfaceLIFT, Thousands of icons for Macintosh, that blend perfectly with the style of MacOSX.

Crystal Project Icons, 1,500 icons in PNG, that were created for Linux KDE but can be used in any other distribution or converted to another format.

ASPNetIcons, 300 professional icons designed for ASPNet, but useful for any application.

Parrotdise, For parrot lovers, funny parrot icons.

Sphere Icons, Many icons in sphere shapes for Windows, Mac and Linux. There are many styles and topics.

Vector Icons, 165 icons in vector format, very useful for printing.

Free Icons Download, More than 150 quality icons, very colorful and fun.

PSD Icons, More than 100 icons in different packs for ecommerce, email, folders... They all are in PSD format. They're completely free for any purpose. Can be the base for doing your own icons.

Sweetie Icons, The Sweetie icon packs have 219 icons. They can be used for commercial applications and include Photoshop files to make others.

Pixelgirl Icons, Icons for PC and Mac, the majority of them are cartoons, creatures and funny mosters. There are more than 2,000 icons.

Vector Icons Set, A total of 135 free vector icons. This set contains all kinds of symbols in vector format.

IconBuffet, This site requires registration to download their free icons, which are of good quality and rather unique.

IconBulk, Hundreds of icons grouped in sets, with high detail. There are many of them that can't be found in any other place, and interesting categories like "critters" or spheres...

Web Applications Icons, Buttons set in three colors (green, black, grey) for websites with the most used texts and icons (login, logout, checkout, save, accept...)

Round Social Bookmarking, Buttons for the most known social bookmarking sites in circular shape and good color effects.

GraphicPUSH, More than 200 icons specially designed for being used in blogs.

Blog Micro-Buttons, Those small buttons to link to your social sites profiles or directories, services, etc. For example, twitter and flickr buttons, gmail, etc.

Jm Art Studio, Near 500 desktop icons. Big packs of file type icons, so you can have a quality icon for each kind of file (html, ai, etc).

DryIcons, More than 900 free icons for your computer. Mainly hardware icons, but there are also others like Christmas icons.

Icon Factory, 315 icon packs that contain many icons each one.

Smashing Magazine, Selection of Smashing Magazine that contains 35 free icon sets, all of them awesome.

Rounder, 43 icons of round shapes and great visual effects.

Pubic Domain Web Icons, 44 Icons in 3 sizes and different colors. They are all in the public domain so you can use them for everything without restrictions.

Bullet Madness, A collection of 200 super-small icons for websites.

Blogmundi, 3,700 icons listed from different sources. This list is in Spanish but it's very graphical so you don't need to understand it.

MintyWhite Selections, 90 free icon sets that contain many icons and have been selected for their visual appearance that stands out by itself.

MintyWhite Selections II, 100 more icon sets selected by MintyWhite and are really remarkable.

MintyWhite Selections III, The third list of 100 icon sets by MitntyWhite.

Antique Icons, Excellent set of icons of antique style.

-Emma Alvarez-

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AWEsome Findings... as usual... i don't know how yah do it, but Yah DO!!! harrrrd'Rawwwwk'rrr for sure! ~julian

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Thanks. Great list.

Bookmarked it.

Innocent Warrior said...

Wow!!! Its look like you have discovered hidden icon treasure.
Thanks a lot!!!

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Thank you for this great list!


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The biggest collection i've ever seen in one place. Thanks for great job! I tried to find something decent on but without good results.

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