Rasputin, The Sorcerer Of The Romanovs

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin was born in 1869 in Pokrovskoye (Russia). Many kings, tsars and emperors have had the advice of a wise man, or a wizard, but it could be said that Rasputin is the last known sorcerer that a tsar had.

Rasputin grew up in the beautiful fields of Siberia without any kind of studies or education, and survived stealing cattle. He had two brothers that died drowned. He named his children with the same names as his brothers. When he was eighteen, he was punished and sent to Verkhoturye Monastery.

After three months in this monastery, he had a vision of the Virgin Mary, and this started his life as a mystic.
Short time after this, he joined a sect called the Khlysts, that used to make many parties and orgies. Rasputin had to abandon this sect for being a conspirator.

He met a holy man called Makariy, that influenced him very much. Some time after this, Rasputin married Praskovia Fyodorovna Dubrovina, and had three children with her.
As he was a very promiscuous man, it is known that he had many illegitimate children.

He abandoned his family for mystical reasons, and went on a pilgrimage through Greece and Jerusalem. All this time, he lived among peasants, serving them to heal their diseases and predicting their future. He increased very much his esoteric knowledge and what he knew about natural medicine.

In 1903, he went back to Russia. Everybody in Saint Petersburg talked about that famous clairvoyant called Rasputin, that had magical powers. His popularity reached the ears of the Royal Family.

In 1908, the wife of the Tsar Alexandra Fyodorovna called him, hoping that Rasputin could save the heir Alexei Nikolaevich, who suffered from hemophilia.

Through hypnosis, he managed to calm the illness of the heir, and that made Rasputin appear as the savior of the Royal Family. Thus, he became a central piece of the palace.

Soon, Rasputin acquired a great power and the Russian government was in his hands. Some people called him "The Mad Witch". It was also said that a big part of the women of the Russian Court had laid in his bed.

It was the World War I, and Russia entered in it. Rasputin was so powerful, and the Russian people felt betrayed by the Tsars, that some movements of opposition started to generate. The Romanov dynasty began to be very unpopular, and the Romanov found Rasputin was the cause of this.

Worrying about all this, they prepared the assassination of Rasputin. The prince Felix Yusupov was the leader of the plot. It was said that he was gay and felt attraction for Rasputin, but he rejected him, and he felt very offended for this.

They invited Rasputin to the Palace, for healing a niece of the Tsar that was ill. One of the weaknesses of Rasputin was eating, and they put cyanide in his dinner.

Rasputin suspected because nobody seemed to want to start dinning, so he said that he won't had a bite until they give him a cup of wine from Krimea and Madeira.

The cyanide seemed to make no effect on him, although he gave him enough to kill 5 men. So seeing that he didn't died, Yusupov felt anxious and shot him. When he approached to see if he was dead, Raputin tried to strangle him. So Yusupov's men shot Rasputin in the back 3 times.
But Rasputin was still alive, so they threw him to the river waters.

The postmortem examination revealed that he drowned. When they found the corpse, they took his heart out, and cut his virile member, that nowadays is exhibited in the erotic museum of Saint Petersburg (Russia).

The last predictions of Rasputin were that the end of the Romanov Family will come. It was a true prediction, as short time after his death, the Russian Revolution started, and Lenin reached the power, and put an end to the Romanov dynasty.

Rasputin was a man that has a passionate life, was born without the most essential, and ended having the power of his country in his hands. Even nowadays, he is still an enigmatic figure that everybody talks about.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Sincerae (means "Morningstar") said...

When I read the Reader's Digest condensed books version Nicholas and Alexandra in the 6th grade, I fell in love with Russian culture and history and architecture. Nice post about old Ras, Emma:)

bokjae said...

Hey Emma, love this post on Rasputin! I have read his story before but you put it in such a flowing manner! Great work! Thanks for sharing!

Hey I am contemplating of signning as your affiliate to promote your items! You think my blog is suitable? thanks!

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Sincerae, Rasputin is actually a thrilling character. I also agree with what you say about Russia.

Thank you Bokjae. I read your blog frequently, and enjoy it.
I will be very proud to have you as affiliates.

Anonymous said...

the r man was badass to survive poison, gunshots, then finally drowning but i heard it took him awhile to drown too

Mrs. C said...

I guess I'm about 5 years late, but just saw this article. I've written a book debunking many of the myths about Rasputin, having learned new information (about 20 years ago), after reading the memoirs of my great great uncle who was Rasputin's secretary. In my book, I quote many sources other than my ancestor, showing Rasputin's evil image to be the result of many fabrications by the aristocracy who hated Rasputin. He was anti-war in a pro war era and he was an advocate of equal rights for Jews (my great great uncle was Jewish), both of which were considered treasonous, especially considering that anti-Semitism was official government policy.
There's more on my website: http://therealrasputin.wordpress.com/

Thank you for continuing the discussion on Rasputin!

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you for your comment,it's so interesting what you wrote here, I will visit your web :)

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