Brushes Contest 3rd Edition

As you know, every time that someone who uses my brushes sends me a link to the works done with them, I save it. Later, I choose the best ones to be featured here.

Lately, I have received rather good works and It's difficult to choose. My congratulations to the authors for their artworks and I encourage them and the others to continue taking part in this contest.

Mondlicht by Tec-Wiz-Ane

Growing wings by blackatherine

Happy Bday Rhi 09 by Godzilla23

Banners for Shop or Blog by ValerianaSolaris

Alice in Wonderland by LKnight

American Dream by uppuN

The Saint On All The Sinners by EvanescentAngel666

Freiheit by Tec-Wiz-Ane

Green Apple Soda Bubble Tea by kunogi09midori

Love At Midnight by TheDeviantIndigo

-Emma Alvarez-

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Flat Iron said...

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Emma Alvarez said...

Yes these artists have done a good work!

grace118peachy said...

Cool! My art is featured here!

Emma Alvarez said...


Valerianas Studio said...

Thanks for including my banners :-) I am so happy you generously shared your lovely artwork!

Emma Alvarez said...

Thanks to you Valerianas Studio

suruha said...

I love the Halloween brushes. Thank you! I really enjoyed seeing these cool images and tracking back to their various artists. There are some awesome artists around here! Thank you for sharing these.


Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Su! I also love seeing how some people use my resources :)

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