My Article In Yareah Magazine. July 2009

As you know, I usually write in Yareah Magazine, a publication of mythology, literature and art. This month the magazine is dedicated to Rudyard Kipling and his book, The Jungle Book, and to lost children.

The artists of this month are Anne-Marie Nygaard Eilertsen and Ryoichi Noguchi.

My article has been about a real history that happened in a small village in India called Midnapore where two children were found that had been raised by wolves. The wolf was killed and the children were sent to an orphanage. It is possible that Kamala and Amala were not sisters, and each one was abandoned by their parents and raised by the wolves.

Kamala and Amala were perfectly adapted to live with wolves, also developed their senses to live like them. Their diet was strictly carnivorous. Their eyes were adapted to see at night, and they had a very well developed hearing. In the orphanage they felt very close to dogs. Never adapted to a normal life and died soon.

A very sad history that makes you think if it was fair to separate them from their true family: wolves. And who can say what is the perfect way to live. And that there are many ways for living.

You can read the article here: Kamala & Amala, the children of the wolves

Here you are some photos of Kamala and Amala.

In August Yareah will not be published. The next issue will be on September. If some of you wonder why I publish less articles lately, I tell you that I'm working on illustrations and preparing my new web portfolio that I will publish in the next months.
So I'm not sure that I will be able to continue in Yareah in September, because I need to work hard on my artistic projects, and I lack of time, but I encourage you to continue reading the magazine.

-Emma Alvarez-

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suruha said...

Sometimes 'society' is wrong in thinking they know what is best for an individual. Phooey!

Thank you for sharing that. This type of story is sad, but, very intriguing.


Emma Alvarez said...

I agree and is so sad watching the photos of these children.

Innocent Warrior said...


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