Michael Jackson & Eddie Van Halen

In 1983 Eddie Van Halen worked with Michael Jackson for "Beat It" a song for the album of Michael Jackson: Thriller, the most selling album of history, and that sounded like this:

These days it's hard to find another music albums in best-seller lists that are not of Michael Jackson. I was never interested in pop music, and I see this from a certain distance, that distance that may give me some objectivity.

Personally, I never understood why everything that was around Michael Jackson was an inexhaustible source of controversy.

The singer wore a glove in his hand because he burned it in a commercial for Pepsi, and it was a scandal.

He slept in a oxygen bubble and it was a scandal. Using oxygen to recover from burnings is something usual. This is also used as a kind of instant recovery. I have seen photos of the old band Led Zeppelin with oxygen masks after a concert and no one found it strange. It is usual in sportsmen too, and no one is surprised.

The continuous use of pure oxygen is highly harmful although it feels like a miracle remedy, it also causes cell aging.

Another scandal of the artist was that he lived with a chimpanzee. George Clooney slept with a pig and was not criticized so much.

I never understood another one of the controversies: that he was black and wanted to be white... Well, if it was that way, it is not a crime at all because nowadays there are people that change their image through aesthetic surgery.
Some people change their sex, and no one worries. And if someone who is black wants to change his color for some social reason it is because of people that are racist, and that is a big shame for all the white people. If it was that way, we should feel so ashamed that we should just shut up and blame the racists, and not to someone that just wants to protect himself from racism.

But, despite this, Michael Jackson did not want to change his color, he just had a common disease: vitiligo, that is genetic and causes partial whitening of the skin and sometimes reaches a total whitening. Maybe he did what many people with the disease do, which is a procedure called depigmentation, to avoid that look of patches that the illness gives. He also used makeup to hide it, avoiding to be touched by people so the makeup was not removed, or maybe it was only visible from some distance.
He had to justify himself all his life for suffering vitiligo!!!

Another consequence of vitiligo is that it provokes photophobia . People with vitiligo can easily be blinded by sunlight, and because of the same illness, may also suffer dangerous burns on the skin. This is why Jackson may often wore an umbrella.

He had nose cancer and everybody did jokes about this. It was obvious that he had surgery on his nose, and many people do that, and nothing happens. Was that a tiny nose and too natural? The breasts of Pamela Anderson are not natural too, and nothing happens.

But the worse controversy that the singer suffered was the accusation of children abuse. In the last days, that child that denounced the singer, with whom he reached an economical agreement, has confessed that it was an idea of his father, and that all was a lie.

But I think that it is too late and actually, Jackson died more than 10 years ago with this terrible accusation that I think he was not ready to bear with. From being a philantropist that gave fortunes to NGOs and to children, he passed to be, for the public masses, to be a monster that abused of children.
And it was then when the character, and probably the person, died.

From the distance, I see Michael Jackson as a money-making machine. Since he was 6 many people has made profit of him exhibiting him as a freak monster. And I feel shaming to polemize about his diseases and his weakness, that was wanting to recover that lost childhood. Maybe the biggest mistake of Michael Jackson was to think that even that lost childhood could be bought.

And that's because with Michael Jackson we can see that not everything can be purchased. Not the lost childhood, nor people that love you and protect you, and not everything has a price.

-Emma Alvarez-

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suruha said...

You pretty much called it, here. I feel so sorry for the guy! As you say, money can't buy love. Bless his heart - he sure gave it hell! I retain my respect for a person who brought so much pleasure to so many people and all he wanted was to be normal, and loved.

I, for one, mourn the loss dreadfully.


Gerold said...

It is nice to read how you as an outsider views the phenomenon that was Michael Jackson.

As I understand he will be buried tomorrow so he (and we) can be at piece.

Emma Alvarez said...

It's all very sad, the other day I saw in Tv a recording where he was with their children, and now I think how hard is to lose a father so young, and if so many people manipulated their father for money, what can they do with these children.

Quazi said...

my words, exactly. just i don't know how to put it so nicely. i remember clearly when i first heard the thriller album. i danced and danced and danced. do the moonwalk in front of the almighty michael. he will be pleased. ta.

Emma Alvarez said...

Wow Quazi that is great!

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