Elizabeth Báthory, The Hungarian Vampiress

Her name was Elizabeth Báthory but she will always be remembered as the Blood Countess
for her horrible crimes. Alongside with Vlad Tepes, she inspired Bram Stoker to write his novel Dracula.

And this is because Elisabeth Báthory seems to belong to the imagination of an horror writer, but she was real, as real as her murders: 650 crimes.

She was an aristocrat that belonged to one of the most important and influential families of Europe. When she was 11 years old she was given in marriage, but at 13 she had her first son,
an illegitimate son that was taken out of the country as soon as he was born.

So they had to marry her quickly, and they did it: when she was fifteen. Her husband was a general that was widely known for his cruelty.

Sometimes he took his prisoners to their home to enjoy torturing them in company of her wife Elisabeth. She repeated the tortures with her servants.

But Elisabeth spent little time with his husband because he took part in numerous battles, so she "entertained" herself having lots of lovers of both sexes, and getting deeper in the world of sorcery.

When her husband died, she got even deeper in the world of black magic. Because of a fortuitous incident, Elisabeth thought that human blood had the power to rejuvenate. So she killed virgin girls to later take a bath with their blood. There were also cannibalism acts. She hid the bodies everywhere in her castle, the stench was unbearable, and her servants got rid of them in the fields. Rumors started to be spread: vampires.

But soon the assassin was discovered: Elisabeth Báthory. Nor her power nor her money were able to stop her punishment. She was condemned to be shut up in a tower sealed with bricks, with just a hole to receive food and water. And she never saw the sun again.

-Emma Alvarez-

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