Movie Releases To See This Halloween

The Stepfather

Nelson McCormick

J.S. Cardone

Dylan Walsh, Sela Ward, Penn Badgley, Sherry Stringfield, Jon Tenney, Paige Turco, Amber Heard

Horror, Thriller

This is a version of a movie from 1987. Jerry Blake is obsessed with having a perfect life: money, a good house, a model wife, perfect children...
He marries Susan and becomes the stepfather if Stephanie, the 16 years old daughter of Susan. Since the beginning, Stephanie doesn't trust Jerry, and soon her doubts will be confirmed.

Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant

Director: Paul Weitz

Screenwriter: Paul Weitz and Brian Helgeland

Starring: John C. Reilly, Ken Watanabe, Josh Hutcherson, Chris Massoglia, Ray Stevenson, Patrick Fugit, Orlando Jones, Willem Dafoe, Salma Hayek

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

The movie is based on a series of books by the writer Darren Shan.
Darren (Chris Massoglia) is an ordinary teenager. Without knowing, he breaks an agreement established 200 years ago between two groups of vampires that were enemies during centuries.
Darren can't avoid to find himself immersed in a fantastic world of strange nocturnal creatures and monsters.


Director: Ruben Fleischer

Screenwriter: Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick

Starring: Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Plot: The world is swarming with zombies. Flagstaff is terrified by this situation. He is quite coward, although this cowardice has made him stay alive. He will join a gang of survivors in which he will have to act and not scape or hide.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Luis Milanese said...

A remake of The Stepfather. Sounds interesting, although I am not a remake fan myself.

Emma Alvarez said...

If you go to watch it, don't forget to tell here your opinion :)

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