Frank Beddor's Alyss Trilogy: Archenemy

Alice in Wonderland is top fashion due to the success of the trilogy of novels by Frank Beddor.

Beddor renews the classic by Lewis Carroll and redefines the characters and the myth, mixing elements from science-fiction and magical fantasy.

The Mad Hatter, The Cat, the white rabbit, and Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) himself, and many more make their appearance in this trilogy with new strength in new adventures, with a more adult Alice, turned into the queen of a fantastic and also more adult Wonderland, but fascinating as well.

In this new novel, "ArchEnemy: The Looking Glass Wars", Arch tries to become the king of Wonderland, and to accomplish this he has taken away the power of imagination from Alyss and all the inhabitants of the strange universe.

Because of this, Alyss will have to start a dangerous mission, protected by the head of the palace guard, Dodge Anders, to recover her powers and defeat her ArchEnemy.

Beddor immerses us in a story full of dynamism that has everything: combats, love, betrayal, alliances between enemies, strange creatures, mysteries, even the apparition of the original Alice Liddell, in the Victorian London.

When I read this book, I was surprised by the original atmosphere, that doesn't belong to the genre of science fiction nor to medieval fantasy, but to a genre of pure fantasy. A magic world with elements of those other universes, mixed with the Lewis Carroll's imagery.

The end of the book seems the end of this trilogy, but is open enough to be continued in future stories, for the rejoice of the many fans of Alyss and Frank Beddor.

You will travel through the fantastic worlds of Beddor in an spiral of events that will make your imagination fly, in a book that is written magnificently, and is easy to read at the same time.
The followers of this trilogy can't miss this final episode. The new readers should get the full trilogy, that will surely enjoy.

At the same time, there's a card game and an online game where you will browse through the fantastic world that Beddor describes, and you can do it in the official website:

In the official site there are you can also find: forums, freebies, music, artworks, and games. Enjoy it!

-Emma Alvarez-

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suruha said...

What a trip! Have you seen "Slap the Monkey"? OMG! LOL! Thanks for, yet, another, cool review.


PS - I finally read my messages at DA. Thank you!

Emma Alvarez said...

Slap the monkey? not, but I will see :)
DA is sometimes a bit confusing. Glad you can read them :)

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