Livin' In A Mushroom

I made this product with my husband (Jordi -hiperia3d-) for Renderosity "Livin' In A Mushroom". He made the 3D modeling and I made the textures, poses, and 2D elements.

We haven't worked together for years, and it has been exciting. I think we have learned very much working each one on their side, although from time to time I continue being the designer of Jordi :) and much more LOL! We are happy with the result, and we'll make more products together.

Livin' In A Mushroom is a complete package that includes standalone figures for Poser and/or DAZ Studio, lights, cameras, Poser render settings, a background panorama, poses for Nursoda's Kali and Kelm, a fence, a fantasy lantern, and a detailed terrain prop, and also a collection of 2D elements: small animals, trees, dead trees, rocks, flowers, mushrooms and grasses.

To get it, go here: Livin' In A Mushroom

hand painted bunnies rabbits easter backgrounds png scrapbooking

The package for Poser and DAZ studio includes:

- Mushroom House standalone figure. Includes a dial to open/close the door.
- MAT poses for mushroom house, and hide/show door's window.
- Panorama standalone figure: background for your renders. Can be scaled, rotated or translated.
- poses for panorama for easy placement.
- Icon to load all the scene, figures and props at once.
- Icon to load all the scene, scaled to Nursoda's Kali and Kelm size.
- 5 cameras to help you to frame the scenes faster.
- 10 light sets with optimized settings for best results and minimal render time impact, and featuring varied
moments of the day and circumstances.
- Terrain prop with highly detailed texture, 4096x4096
- 2 MAT poses for the terrain: with stone path, or without it.
- Wood Fence prop: insert as many of them as you like and build longer fences
- Fantasy Lantern prop
- Room smart prop: simulates the mushroom house interior for those renders with the door opened.
- 12 poses for Nursoda's Kali and Kelm: 4 couple poses, and 2 for Kali, 2 for Kelm.
- Render presets to get the most of your renders.

hand painted bunnies rabbits easter backgrounds png scrapbooking

The 2D Elements are 20 PNG files (size 1500x1500 to 2500x2500) that contain hand painted elements:

- animals of the forest: bird, butterfly, snail, and ladybird.
- 3 stones: group of stones, grassy rock, stone.
- 2 trees and 2 dead trees.
- 3 grasses.
- 2 mushrooms.
- 3 flower groups and a sunflower.

hand painted bunnies rabbits easter backgrounds png scrapbooking

-Emma Alvarez-

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