Exhibition In Novelda

I'm in a collective exhibition in the "Casa de Cultura" of Novelda, Spain. The exhibition is called "Arte en plural", and is an art show of paintings, sculpture and ceramics.

It started on June 2 and will be open through June 16, from Monday to Friday from 10 to 14 hours and from 17 to 21, Saturdays 10 to 14 hours.

emma alvarez art exhibition

The inauguration was on day 2 and I didn't go lol! But it was introduced by the Major and the TV and press were there. I know that they asked about me :D because they were very curious about an artwork made with a computer.

I went there on Saturday with my husband, and we had a very fun day in Novelda. I must say that everybody were very kind to me, and asked me why I was not in the inauguration...

In addition to watching the exhibition, I went to see all the cultural places of Novelda. One of the things that I liked most was the Sanctuary of Mary of Magdala, one of the most beautiful things that my eyes have seen. It is made by one of the disciples of Gaudi, and is one of the architectural artworks made with so much care that it is awesome.

gaudi mary magdala

Each part of the exterior of the Sanctuary is full of details. On the inside it is much more simple, but it's full of paintings that depict the life of Mary of Magdala and Jesus. Years ago I read Mary of Magdala's Gospel, and I must say that all that was so exciting for me.

Beside the Sanctuary of Magdala there was a quite strange castle. It is the only one that remains in Europe with a triangular tower.
You can go up the tower, and it was such a claustrophobic sensation lol! It was really fun. When one sees castles from within, you think "How could these people live this way?" A small slip and you can say goodbye to your teeth!

fantasy castle

The person that cared about the Sanctuary showed us a project of an organ made of marble, something really surprising. It was enormous, and sounded powerful.

There is a small path full of enormous cactus that filled the valley.

castle cliff cactus kaktus

In the city we saw a Modernist house, absolutely precious. It belonged to a lady that loved art and was patron of artists. That house had art in every corner, details everywhere.

modernist baroque romantic house

We also visited the old City Council, with the historic square, with a statue of Jorge Juan, a Spanish mathematician that measured the size of the world.
In the square we were talking with two nuns that were very kind and they told us curiosities about the town.
They had a very good sense of humor. I asked about the symbolism of the gate of an ancient bank that had a honeycomb and two vultures. The nun said me "The honeycomb is the symbol of a thrifty person, it has to do with the bank". "And the vultures?", I asked. "These are the bankers!" LOL!

baroque house modernism

We also saw the ancient Casino. It was also Modernist, full of ancient artworks, library, projections room... It is not like the modern concept of a Casino (not a gambling site), it's more like a cultural center. The person in charge was very kind and told us stories about the Casino.
There was a fire years ago and they had to rebuild it all, but only one artwork was lost. The person in charge told me "As you are an artist, look anywhere but not to the ceiling" but I looked to the ceiling of one of the rooms and laughed. It was the piece that was burnt and they replaced it with another, and well, I won't say anything...
The gardens of the Casino had hundred-year-old trees.

modernism baroque romantic

We also saw a new park called West Park. It had many artificial waterfalls. It is a modern park but very nice. There was some kind of marble throne and I couldn't resist to make a photo sat there. Near Novelda there are many marble factories, that's the reason why it was there.

stone throne

It was a very fun day.

-Emma Alvarez-

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suruha said...

Wow! What a cool place! It is good you were able to go to this place and experience some of the history and art. I'm envious! LOL You must be so proud of yourself. You are really getting the exposure. And, why not? You not only deserve it, but, it's about time!



Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Su! yes it was a lovely experience to go yo places with such a historical and artistic background.

Sheri said...

This place is so beautiful and you are so lucky to have been able to visit! The architecture is magnificent. I want to share your video with my readers so I'm adding your video in a posting. I already link to your site but this will be another reminder that they should definitely visit you. Keep up the wonderful work!

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Sheri! :)

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