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Keith Johnson began writing technical documentation in 1995, and has worked in this field for 15 years now. His passion for writing began at Willamette University, where he majored in Philosophy and also served the campus as News Editor of the student newspaper. Then he worked as a Software Trainer for several years in Brazil, before he decided to start his own technical writing services through his website Great Documents (
Keith is Bachelor of Science in Philosophy from Willamette University, and has a Masters of Science in Education from Nova Southeastern University.

Keith Johnson has found a source of inspiration and creativity in the tradition and culture of India through meditation. In the last times he has written a new book about the subject of meditation, what he learned from masters, and how it can help some people to maximize their productivity.

In addition, Keith Johnson and me are friends since some years ago :)

- Keith, what is "The Power of OM" all about?

- Hello Emma. OM is a very special sound vibration that is the focus of men and women dedicated to the process of self-realization and spiritual awakening. My mentor lives in Dharamsala, India and over many years I have applied his teachings toward my life. I wrote this book "The Power of OM" to help people understand that there is great power in the Sacred OM sound. It is a benevolent power and one that is totally helpful and supportive. Hence, the title "The Power of OM".

- In which ways has meditation helped you to reach your professional success?

- There are many different kinds of meditation practices. OM meditation, however, is unique because it is both easy and effective without much personal effort. After a short amount of time and discipline, you will actually hear the OM sound all around you. So, no matter where you are, you can relax and focus on this sound and allow this sound to energize you, recharge you, lift you up, etc. So, as you work and study, by balancing these activities with OM meditation, you are able to enjoy greater productivity and personal empowerment. Also, the spiritual teachings about OM say that OM represents what mentors and masters call "The One Universal Self". So, as a professional, this enables me to see the continuity and oneness of all things, despite immediate differences at the surface. In my field of technical writing, there are many different languages and software that I must utilize. Understanding technology quantitatively as unique expressions of a "unified virtual intelligence" has enabled me to write meaningful and insightful software documentation.

- Where did you get the inspiration from to write this book?

- I got the inspiration from my mentor. He said "when you feel ready to share your gift with the world, write a book". So, the "Power of OM" is the result of this inspiration and also my desire to leave a meaningful legacy behind when I look back upon my life, work, experiences, and accomplishments.

- You have other books on this subject. How is this last book focused, and tell us some more about the other books you wrote.

- Before I wrote "The Power of OM", I also wrote a few other books, but they were written mostly as personal reflections upon the spiritual path. The first book I wrote was back in 2006 called "OM For Every Day". It is mostly quotations from diverse spiritual men and women and related teachings about OM. The second book I wrote was called "The Secret of the Universe". Again, these books were mostly something I wrote as a personal reflection as I grew in awareness through OM meditation. After that I wrote a book for people who wanted to grow in awareness but weren't attracted to OM. It is called "365 Great Affirmations". That book is still available through Amazon today. I guess you could say that "The Power of OM" captures the very best of all previous books I have written plus personal inspiration from my mentor. It is the book of choice without a doubt.

- The notion of meditation in the Occident used to mean thinking about some problem or idea and analyze it. In what sense should readers understand this word (meditation)?

- Indeed, meditation carries different meanings, just like we all see the Sun and have different thoughts about the Sun. OM meditation is an experience where we can leave the mind behind. It is a technique for relaxation and energization. When you sleep, do you think? You simply let go. When you listen to music, do you analyze it? Sometimes, OK. But mostly, you enjoy the music you are listening to. That is the best way to practice OM meditation. Just go with it. Enjoy it. Let OM do the work. Just "let it be" like the Beatles once sang.

-How can this book help people that read it?

- We all have different needs. Some people have financial issues. Some people have health issues. Some people have work-related issues. Just know this: that by connecting with your Divine Source (what I call the Blessed Divine Presence), you are basically telling the universe "here I am, can you please lend a hand?" The Blessed Divine Presence will help you to reflect on your life, issues, and possible solutions since all truth and support emanates from higher planes of reality. At the same time, you need to be patient because like the saying goes "a house is not built in one day". OM meditation will provide both a real technique for relaxation as well as a meaningful opportunity to reflect on your life and situation and real solutions that you can eventually utilize to make things better. My mentor says that OM is the sound-source of all wisdom and enlightenment.

- Is this technique linked to some spiritual or religious belief, or can it be considered independent from these?

- Yes, OM is related to quite a few spiritual and religious paths. At the same time, there is no need to believe in anything. If a good friend tells you, hey, I just bought the most delicious lemonade (a new kind), don't you want to know the name so you can try it yourself? Just a little bit of human faith is required. Whether a person decides to interpret OM meditation from a secular, scientific, spiritual, or religious perspective is entirely a personal choice. I say just enjoy the process of OM meditation.

- If you had to tell people a single reason, between the multiple ones, to get this book, what should it be?

- If you want to experience betterment at all levels and aspects of your life, get my book because you will see just how great OM meditation really is. You will develop a new appreciation for a long-standing and proven meditation path. Of course, if someone's life is already perfect, why should they meditate, right? It is about allowing for positive change.

- Where can they get this book?

- Here is the URL where they can get the e-book:

Here is the URL where they can get the Amazon Kindle e-book version:

-Emma Alvarez-

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