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My exhibition in Morocco will not be the only one there these days. A new exhibition will take place from 3 to 6 of August. For those who did not read the news, the Moroccan Association Golden Triangle of Art will hosted the first International Fair of Contemporary Art in Taza, which topic is : "Art in the service of peace and coexistence .

The Regional Director of the Ministry of Culture in Taza, and the Commissaire de la foire, Mr. Elmadani Belmadani, have decided to schedule a new exhibition.

I appeared as a featured artist in the exhibition advertising of the Regional Direction of the Ministry of Culture. This is a great honor for me, and I feel very proud of being featured by this remarkable event amongst so many outstanding artists.

And since this moment I will always carry good memories inside my heart about Morocco and in particular the city of Taza.

And the second news is that some days ago, I appeared in the newspaper "Informacion", featured in the Culture section. Near me was Metallica, LOL!

In this article my exhibition in Hong Kong is announced, and it also emphasizes my contribution to the genre of digital art in Spain, and invites people to attend to my exhibitions.

This makes me very happy. It was also very fun because some friends call me on the phone to congratulate me. In the first days I did not dare to walk in the streets fearing that someone may recognize me, LOL!

-Emma Alvarez-

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Unknown said...

Excellent news for you and your work. Congratulations with 'landing' these exhibitions.

But be warned, now the difficult part starts (convincing your husband to reward you with a vacation to one of the islands featured in your other article.

Anyway, congratulations again on a job well done.

Emma Alvarez said...

LOL! The island of Hierro is near!

suruha said...

One day, Emma, people will brag, "I own an original Alvarez." LOL You are so on your way! And, you so deserve the recognition. That's cool that you are on the same page as Metallica. LOL Now, even those guys will know who you are!



Emma Alvarez said...

LOL This is good! If I ever meet Metallica in person I can say "I shared a cover with you" LOL! and will brag too :P

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