Catwoman, Batman's Bad Girl

The Catwoman character started as a thieve and enemy of Batman in DC Comics. Her real name is Selina Kyle, and her first appearance was in Batman nº1 in 1940. Her creators are Bob Kane and Bill Finger.

The personality of Catwoman is ambiguous and has her own code of honor. She never takes part in a murder, for example.

As time passes, Batman and Catwoman will felt a big attraction for each other. Even more, their alter egos Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne (Batman) also went on a date.

In Batman nº62 ("The Secret Life Of Catwoman"), Catwoman suffers a blow in the head while Batman is chasing her, so Batman takes her to the Batcave. There, Selina tells him her origin. She worked as a flight attendant, and one day the plane in which she worked crashed. She survived, but her personality was altered, and she became a thieve.

The blow in the head made her recover her memories, and she reformed and opened a pet shop in Gotham, getting away from the crime world.
But in Detective Comics 203 (year 1954), Edmund Hamilton and Sheldon Morloff made Catwoman go back to her criminal origins.

In one of the later comics ("The Brave And The Bold nº197") Catwoman married Batman and they had a daughter called Helena. She became The Huntress in Earth-Two after the death of her parents.

There's another version on Catwoman's origin, in which Selina Kyle is born in a problematic family, with an alcoholic father. Her mother was a cat lover obsessed with a life of luxury and wealth that she will never have. The mother died while Selina was a child. Her father also died years later, so both Selina and her sister Megan had to live in a orphanage.

Then, Selina escaped from the orphanage and her only way to survive in the streets was doing small robberies and prostituting herself.
Surrounded by miseries, she began to felt the desire for wealth that consumed her mother, and she turned into a skilled thieve: Catwoman.
Her dexterity as a fighter was trained by her master Ted Grant (known as Wildcat).

The appeal of Catwoman's character made her appear in many movies, animated series on TV, etc.
Without doubt, Catwoman is a controversial character full of mystery and beauty.

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-Emma Alvarez-

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IuliaMBenedek said...

very nice Cat womens:)

Emma Alvarez said...

I agree!

Unknown said...

Hi to everybody
I am a fan of the Julie Newmar Catwoman version located in Montreal.

I would like to re-build or re-create the Catwoman's cave or dungeon as on the Batman TV show of the 60s.

My idea is to gather as much information from the episodes where Julie Newmar appears and replicate the throne, bed, tools, whips, accessories as per the tv show.

If anyone is interested in helping me with this project, please contact me directly at or if you know someone who might be interested.

I know it might require time, investment, dedication, etc but I think the outcome will be great! :) Sharing this request also helps :)

Ony for real Catwoman's fan :)

Thank you.

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